Fitting a T-Visor help / advice please...


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Yup, my bucket is almost finished.
BUT I don't want to screw it up now by making a mess of fitting the spangly new T-Visor.

So, WHat's the best way to do it?
Build up the area around were it's going to make contact with the helmet to give more surface area for the glue to take hold with, or just glue it straight in place as is?


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Gods! sorry - It's a cheap assed Rubies.
I cut the old excuse for a T-Visor out with a dremel, bought a new T-visor from ebay (which looks like a good fit). Then painted the bucket.


If you want it to fit perfectly flush then you can either use a dremel and make sure the area is perfectly sanded to perfection and then use Amazing goop(best glue ever, except for long drying time, or you can using little screws, I personally use both.


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i used black silicone window sealer (used to fix leaks in a car windshield). it holds nicely, but isn't too bad to get the visor back out if you want to repaint it or something.