First time out

Went out in the suit trooping this weekend for the first time... Should be more pics but thought I'd show the ones I have for my 501st submittal...




Waddya think?
Absolutely awesome job! Just need to weather the soft armor and get some toe spikes ... RussRep is doing a run if ya haven't jumped aboard already.
Man ... all these debut suits. You guys must have been busting your :moon 's to get things finished by Holloween.

Excellent ROTJ! :cheers
Looks hawt. But my immediate reaction was the same as the other guys on here. Time to go get a couple cans of spray paint. Its amazing how much adding a layer of grime can bring out the realism in a costume.
Thanks all for your approval/comments... Wanted to get it 'done' for Halloween for the troop, and go out trick or treating with the kids...

There is some weathering that came on the jumpsuit/vest from Bobamaker but probably(!?) needs a bit more. The boots probably need re-addressing (they came out more darkened than dirty after I did them per someones thread - can't remember who???). I only noticed how clean the pouches are in thiese pics (oh and the gloves - well thats most of the soft parts!!!!)
Have got the spikes on order from RussRep so is being sorted out...

How's the best way to weather soft parts? (I'll search but if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be greatful...

Thanks again...
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