Fin's on Blaster,, Help Please


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I was wondering what everyone was using for the cooling fin's on the barrel of the blaster. Ive looked and i cant figure it out.
They were rubber windshield wiper fins, the same type people use as grips on their sabers and the fins on the stormtrooper blasters.
One alternative I have used on previois blasters was gluing strips of sintra (sheet plastic) to the barrel to simulate the fins. I suppose the best would be a centimeter (3/8" for you yanks) strip of 2mm sintra topped with a smaller strip of 3 mm sintra creating an inverted "T" shape.

Of course, the preferred thing is to abandon the Fett project, get a DC-15 (aka a real man's gun) and some clone armor and defend the Republic. :lol: Then again, I may be biased. 8)
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