Finished Ruffkin gauntlets

Buckeye 01

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I am 98% done. I need to attach the hoses, and put my darts in when they get here. All said, these took me about 2 weeks 2-3 hours a night. I would like to change the bic lighter thingy, and the rocket in the future, but these will do for now. I noticed a couple spots in the pics where the paint is a little light. The flash brought this out. I could not see it staring right at it with good light. My daughter had the first pic with both of em on and done. Let me know what ya think!





I think they look great. If anything I'd give them some black or blue washes though to bring out deeper weathering on them. They seem a bit too red right now.
Looks very nice Buckeye. I got a pair of Bloodsport gauntlets (before I found this place) and the difference in design is pretty drastic. I guess I need to order some from Ruffkin.

What are you guys using for the hose connections?
they look wayyy to big for you....but you young still...youll grow into the look very pretty in your kitty shirt

seriousy, they look surpurb!
The flash has brought out the red, and dulled the black mist on them. I assure you there is a heavy black mist on both, and top and bottom. There is also a matte coat to dull all of the silver weathering. Thanks for all the comments guys!
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