Finished movie size ROTJ gauntlets

Lynn TXP 0369

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Here are my finished MSG, all that I need is to get the 4 darts for the right gauntlet and add the hoses.






THe pics may not work if the Village Photo site exceeds veiwing it's limit..

They look great Lynn. What did you use for the 2 flame thrower nozzles, and what did you use for the right hose connectors??
Thanks guys!

The right hose connections are brass fittings that came with the kit, I havn't been able to find this style here locally.

The flame thrower nozzles are RF cable connectors from Radio Shack that have the simlilar knurled ends like the origonal nozzles have.
damn...Lucas Films is gonna be pissed when they see you stole their gauntlets.
Man, they look good. Who's the maker, if you don't mind me asking. 2 names spring to mind, but clarification either way would be great!

Top paint job, again.

Credit where it's due: You did an amazing job painting those!

What method did you use to attach them if you don't mind my asking?

Thanks guys for the comps!!

jeezycreezy... They are glued solid under the flamer thrower housing on the left gauntlet and under the whipcord housing on the right gauntlet, then velcroed on the opposite sides just as the origonals are.

They work great this way...

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