Finished knee armor ..Pics and review..


CBT Fett

Hi chaps .

Finally got around to finishing off the knee armor today :). The kit was very nice and most of the hard work was done already just light sanding and a bit of work with the heatgun and they where ready to paint. Undercoat of chrome dulled down, masked , off white detailing,masked, then 3 coats of sunshine yellow and then finally dulled down some more and wethered :). Great kit to make and nice and chunky so for anyone sitting on the fence about these they get the CBT thumbs up :D(y)



A big thanks goes out to Bob and Todd for the knee kit and to Russ for the excellent knee darts.

Only down side was I realised I'd sewn my tool pockets on far to high :/ ah well cant get everything right first crack hehe


Nice work Steve. Very nice.

Who did your j/suit, if you don't mind me asking. I have a load of grey fabric that I would like to be that shape (with the exception of the high shin pockets :) ) ;)

Nice job! :D(y)
(On my 1st. jumpsuit I also accidently sewed the tool pockets too high :p)
Thanks for the kind words guys :)

Ehhhh the jumpsuit sewing well that would be me. Dont know where I learnt to sew or even how to set up a sewing machine it just kinda happened :lol:

I couldnt have dreamt in a million years that it would have tunred out half as good as it did :).Think I must have been some kinda suit maker in a past life ;)


Steve, they look GREAT!!!!!! Awesome job! I'm so glad that it finally worked out for you and I'm glad you're satisfied with the results!

Since Todd doesn't come to TDH I'll take this opportunity to thank you from him as well. ;)
hi steve

looking good matey nice work.

Well i hope mine will look as good as yours.................
mine melted when i added more support to the sides as i used Evostic glue not knowing it makes the plastic soft and rubbery.

Ive had i nightmare trying to salvage them and there held together with resin and car filler and way a ton :)

but ive managed to salvage them and just need to sand and paint and i hope they look good as yours

what did you use to keep the elastic glued onto the knee armour?

can you PM me any details on the jumpsuit materails etc... please :)



Thanks again guys :)

Neil I cant think which evostik glue you used but it must have generated a heck of a lot of heat to soften them :confused

As bob said I just used a hot glue gun and on the darts side I actually passed the elastic through the bolt that holds the top dart in position ( I re-drilled and tapped the knee darts to accept a larger bolt rather then filling the side recess with resin and tapping that for the grub threads that where supplied :) ) It was just a prefernce thing to keep the weight down on them.

PM sent about the material :)

Ill post some pics of the suit a bit later on for you



I can't believe your set hasn't arrived already. He sent your set out the same day as CBT Fett's and UK Scout's.
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