Finished jet pack!


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My finished jet pack! I'd like to thank RT for the great kit and the excellent customer service! This is a ROTJ version, and yes I know it has Jango markings, I painted them on before I knew there was a difference. :( However the only people that would know the difference would be you guys so I'm not going to worry about it. Anyway thanks again RT for the help I'm super stoked with the pack! :jet pack (y) (y) (y) :cheers
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Sweet! Can you list the paints that you used? I will be painting mine soon and I see that there are a million different paints that people are using. Kinda wish we had the colors nailed ala Rouge Studios helmet.
I got the info from the first site to start me with this.TK-409 thanks Chris, you da man. ;) I did pretty much what his site says and I was very happy how it came out for a first timer.
:D nicely done!! :cheers

hmm... Seeker has a list of his Jango colours, but it beats me wheither those are the same colours as Boba's... I used navy blue from the tamiya colour line as a base for the blue and hand mixed the rest so no list from me... :p
Rust-oleum enamel: Sandable primer base, royal blue, equipment yellow (has a orange tint to it), claret wine(red), off white, flat black, chrome or silver. Then weathered with black and burnt umber acrylic paint mixed with blue windshield washer fluid. Then a clear coat (satin finish) because the acrylic is water soluable so you need to seal it. I also added something not pictured to the rocket prepelled grenade, I highlighted it with a metallic finish candy apple red (looks GREAT!)
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