Finished atlast! (Helmet paintwork-pics)


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Holy crap! I just looked at your website Micke......OMG

You're one talented cookie! :D
No wonder your bucket turned out so great!!! ;)

Awesome work. Oh yeah, I sent you an email!



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Jango's kid:
Thanks man:) Well the DP96 bucket was sold a few weeks ago, so now i'm getting my hands dirty one the MSH..
B.Fett: Thanks:)
drvfett:Hope the new one turns out better.Thanks:)
Thanks for your compliments! I'm gonna update it soon with
some new SW characters + some other illustrations:)
Defiler/coolv1rus: Thanks! I'll post a thread with the new helmet soon:) Stay tuned!


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That's an AWESOME helmet micke! :eek:
That weathering is awesome. Can't wait to see your other helmet.
Keep it up. :)(y)
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TK Fett

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Hey man im no electronics expert but I can help you with the RF LED'S. I installed my own, they don't blink or anything but they do come on and shine pretty bright.