Finished atlast! (Helmet paintwork-pics)


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I posted some progress pictures earlier on..I have'nt touched the helmet for a while, but i decided to just finish it today. I could have done better, but i'm waiting for another helmet to arrive(you know wich one)wich i'm really gonna try to do my best on ;)

It's a DP96 btw and it's handpainted with Gouach and then clearcoated.

What do you think?
I am in awe . . . fabulous painting.

So . . . I'll ask what I always ask when I keep seeing the helmets I love . . . what colours did you use? :)

Thanks guys :)
I used Gouach colours. A waterbased paint..I mixed the colours myself until i thought they matched.

micke wrote: I could have done better, but i'm waiting for another helmet to arrive(you know wich one)wich i'm really gonna try to do my best on ;)
What do you think?

Could have done better???? I think you did a great job!!! I can't wait to see the "real" helmet. :p
Hey man nice paint job
mixed your own colors very impressive
in the top pic your visor looks kinda wazy though is it warped or is it just windshield tint over clear plastic?
That is one of the Best i've seen.. Great Work on the helmet. You have a great eye for detail..
Wow!Thanks again, guys :)
There are still some minor things to do and that is to tone down the sharpness on some of the scratches, they are too
crisp and sharp. I hope i find a good method on doing that.
After hearing alot about "misting" here lately i'd think that would be a way for me to go. Oh yeah, the Visor would have to go. It's only a cheapo temporary one wich looks pretty nice, but does'nt hold too good and get rather flimsy after a while. I would like to have some LED's installed on the range finder, but i don't have a clue on how to do that so i think i'll pass on that for now..


Thanks Malcfett :)
I used the brand "QUICK grundering" wich is a Norwegian brand. Most likely not sold in the US :/


Bobo wrote:

Yeah, could anyone please recommend a primer to use on DP helmets? (Gray?)
I had pretty good luck w/ testors. I like to use white, because after you paint your greens/reds on top, you can use an exacto knife to add little scratches down to the primer. They look very nearly like metal.
Very nice bucket there Micke! :thumbsup:. If your new one turns out as good as this one, you'll really have something to be proud of! Great job!
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