finished a kit


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I finally finished this for someone ;) ...
only need to get a couple pieces and it can be on its way to a happy new zammer :)


Kit Zam!!! ;) That is some awesome stuff!!

Hope the Happy New Zammer shares some pics when they're done finishing it all up! :D
Goldenrod, thanks for the interest. :)

I just don't know if I have time to make more kits like this. It really is a lot of work and I have so many projects goin on....gotta get to work on that 3po ;)

Although this was meant to be a show off thread cause I thought the kit looked cool, I will try to get some info to you asap. PM me incase I forget ;)

Thanks Moncal. We received the kit today. So awesome, we really appreciate all the work you put in to help us get Zam underway.

All our research on this forum, will now have to be put into practice.

Really nice clean castings, and detail.

Once again thanks

Cheers :cheers

Kraig & Wendy
Thanks all! :)

I am not ignoring my pm's ... I just stopped by the forum for a second :)... I'll get to them as soon as I can.

I have to thank the person who asked for that kit because they have been very patient with me. It is a lot of work to make all that and it takes me a long time unfortunately. I think that one took me about 2 months and I burned up a dremel in the process.... which I do that to about one dremel a year :facepalm

Yeah ... I still don't know how well that will fit Seeker ;) hehe

thanks again!!
patience is a virtue and that kind of time period wouldnt bother me...between all the other stuff ive got going on as well as my wife still waiting on getting the undersuit from ZIA as well as other stuff...wouldnt be a problem(y)
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