Finemolds Slave 1 : Boba Swede Style (Customized)

Boba Swede

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A few months ago i bought this kit on ebay for 40 USD. While i'm waiting for Mr. Laws to produce my TS Commander i thought that i'd give this a go while i wait.

I first started by building the larger sections of the space ship, canons, wings etc. I also gave them and the pecies still left in the spruce a layer of Games Workshop (GW) Skull white as a primer and sprayed all the "unseen interior" with GW Chaos Black. This is because i intend to put LED's inside of it and i don't want any light bleeding through the hull.



Tonight i focused my attention to the rear radar dish assembly which is placed underneath the ship


Still left in the spruce and with a layer of GW Skull white for primer. Eventhoug it is not screen accurate i've fallen in love with panels and panel lines since i saw the SW exhibit and wanted some of that on my Slave 1 as well. I imagine that with a beat up and banged up ship like slave 1 is bound to have to replace some of the panels on the radar dish at some point... eventhough this is not shown on screen or on the actual screen used model. but like the thread says.. this is the customized version!


The weathering on this was done by first adding a watered down layer of GW Fortress Grey followed by several washes of GW Codex Grey. The "rust" was a GW Gryphonne Sepia with a really, really thin brush. The other panel lines where hand painted using the same brush but with GW Badab Black. Some of the streaks from the panel lines was also done with the same Badab Black. For the streaks along the circumference i dry brushed GW Badab Black as well as chruned it around in the centre to give it that "accumilated dirt" look. This was followed by a dry brush of GW Gunbolt Metal. I finished up with taking my really, really thin brush and adding spots of GW Gunbolt metal and quickly draging a finger over it to make a streak. This is supposed to be micro-impacts from depris in space. I also added some "rust" around some of the "holes"

After i finish the radar dish i intend to start working on the cockpit... and i've got a few suprieses there waiting for you... stay tuned. But have patiance.. i intend to take my sweet time with this one.. :D

Oh.. if this is the wrong section, feel free to move it to the Sarlacc pit..


Wow, the weathering on the radar dish is superb. Your attention to detail is quite amazing my friend. I think I might just have to subscribe to this thread to keep up with your progress.


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A fabulous start!!

I'm hoping to one day be able to assemble and paint up the Fine Molds Jango version of Slave1. My local hobby shop has one in stock, but the price has thus far kept many from snatching it up. I'll have to save up my pennies to afford it at $135 Cdn!!

I look forward to following your build up as I know that it'll push me to save, save, save!

Boba Swede

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Tonight i finished the radardish. I intend to mount some kind of magnetic lock on the back so that i can change batteries for the LED for the cockpit.

Anyway.. here is the finished radardish

I went over it again with a 10/0 brush with GW Mithril silver adding some additional silver scrapes here and there.

Larger pics are linked below:


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looking good, I have the exact same model but with it already pre-painted. One day ill repaint it but I just had to grab it because it was only $40 and Its the only one Ive ever seen under $80

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Thanks for the compliments!

... and i just realised something.. in reality the streaks would go from the centre and out towards the rim since it's placed underneath the ship and so any liquides would run from the centre and out since the "bottom" of the bolw would be the highest point.. and not like it is now... from the rim towards the centre.. ah well.. weather and let be weathered i guess. (ref. Live and let live)

Boba Swede

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More progress:

As i said i was going to tackle the cockpit next... so i did..

All the cockpit parts were sprayed black with GW Chaos black. I then drybrushed them all with GW Gunbolt Metal to get that metalic sheen to it.



Here on the side panel you can see how the drybrushing really brings out the thin panel lines on the sides..


next i took a 1mm drill and drilled a few holes here and there... both infront of the pilots seat and in the wall behind it as well as in some other places. I can now place pieces of Fibre Optics into the controlpanel which i bought at a hobbystore.



At the moment i only had a red LED at hand to show the effect of the Fibre optic. I later plan to have 2 blinking LED and 2 normal LED to "power" the fibre optics inside Slave 1.

Moving on i then started weathering the peices with GW Gryphonne Sepia but saw that it was not strong enough. So i used watered down Tamiya paint Hull Red (nr XF-9) instead for the rust grime. This was applied att strategic places on the wall behing the pilots chair as well as inbetween the "floorboards" around the pilotseat.


I then used one of my Tamiya Weathering kits (nr A) and used the "light sand" to add some dirt on the floor.


I also added some behind and around the passanger seats.


... but what is this..?? just a suspicious rust stain or the last remains of some scoundrel who was unfortunate enough to cross path with The Fett who's life was not worth more alive than dead? You decide...


Anyway... as a finishing touch i applied small droplets of GW blazing Orange, Blood Red, Skull white and Bad moon yellow on the different pannels around the cockpit and interior.





Amazing detail, very well done. I really like the addition of the fiber optics as well. I can't wait to see more. :)


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I used to love doing models like that. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find them anymore. Good job so far, bro! I look forward to seeing it finished.



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next i took a 1mm drill and drilled a few holes here and there... both infront of the pilots seat and in the wall behind it as well as in some other places. I can now place pieces of Fibre Optics into the controlpanel which i bought at a hobbystore.
Now THAT is fantastic! awsome model amigo!

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Well i haven't made much progress with the building with family and all... but what i have done is started working on the LED for the engines. So here is a short video that i made this weekend...

BTW... i ain't no Speilberg so bear with me.. ;)


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Boba Swede

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I'll be uploading the schematic for this later on so that anyone can copy it...

*** EDIT ***
And behold here it is...


However. I must advise caution. Depending on which LEDs you find/choose R7, R8, R9, R10 AND T3 might need to be changed for something more appropriate. The LEDs that i have are 3mm 1.9V, 20mA Amber LEDs.

Other LEDs might have other Voltage and current specs. so you'll need to recalculate R7-R10 and T3.
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