Finally..painted my MLC armour

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Well after having it for an age I finally got round to painting my mlc armour. This stuff is fantastic anyone whos waiting for a set wont be dissapointed.
All I need now is my vest to come from RA (2 month and counting :eek: , he has assured me its on its way) then i'm set.
Thanks to Si(Hanhunter)and mardon for the work they did getting this armour to me, and Si again for the paint info, cheers matey ;)

Let me know what you think and please be honest, if I can improve it I will :D
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Looking good, Jon, very nice!

Only thing I noticed was the weathering (or lack of) on the shoulder and chest decals. Might just be the photo's, but they look a bit clean. Get 'em dirty lad. Remember like the Pot Noodle ad's say, it's dirty and you want it!

On a seperate note, are you going to Mem this April (17 and 18)? I'm hoping to be there in the suit on the saturday and possibly the sunday. It'd be good to see you there.


Well done - armor looks great!

I agree that this armor set rocks - I'm almost done just the bells,knees, and back armor left (I think I can, I think I can... :))


Edit (Spelling :facepalm)
Thanks guys :D i'm quite pleased with how it turned out.
I know what you mean Si, didnt wanna mess them up but i suppose they do need to stop looking so NEW. :lol: I'll get on it.
BTW I wont be going to MEM i've got a charity troop in Grimsby that weekend with hydefundraisers (if my vest turns up) but hope you have a gooden matey.
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