Finally- MLC Helmet is done!

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Okay, it's been a loooonnnng time since I did any updates on Mardon's helmet (henceforth to be known as a MLC Helmet)

It's done. I've got one. :D

Pics will be forthcoming, right now I'm having problems with my photohosting service, I'm trying to get a buddy's site with the pics, but that's having problems too.

Sigh. :)

I will be having some pics up soon, even if I have others post them.

Some highlights of the MLC. It is fiberglass, natcherly.

It comes with:

Smooth surface, grey primered already. I could not find any areas that needed sanding.

Inside has been gelcoated for smoothness.

Visor area cut out. You will need to supply your own visor.

Ear pieces are cast separate, fit is excellent! :)

Rangefinder is a two piece unit. Bottom part is an opaque clear, top is primer grey, hollow as well to allow for user-installed electronics.

Stalk has a hole through the middle of it, allowing for wire for above electronics if desired, by user.

This is a film-sized helmet. Made originally out of cardstock and bondo (yes! Cardstock! :) ) The pics will show this.

It has plenty of room interior-wise to install fans, mics, any electronics w/ no "cheek-rubbing" :D

Because it has taken soooo looonnng for this update, those that initially contacted me, will get a break-even price of $200. I will begin sending pics via email to them, until pics are up. Inital reaction to those who have seen the helmet pics has been extremely positive.
After those are satisfied, the price is $250-

There are several top-quality helmets out there. All are excellent. :D

Get one you like, enjoy the one you get!

:D :D
Here are Rex's pics of the MLC helmet. The size and shape look awesome! :cheers The only thing that looks off to me is the cut out for the visor seems a little too "squinty". That could be easily fixed with some file work.










BOBA PHAT wrote:

Here are Rex's pics of the MLC helmet. The size and shape look awesome! :cheers The only thing that looks off to me is the cut out for the visor seems a little too "squinty". That could be easily fixed with some file work.


Ryan, you and me both. :) That's what I thought too when I first saw the helm. It's true that great minds think alike...LOL!

Other than that, that is still one AWESOME looking Helm...Can't wait to get mine. :D

Stay safe.

Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we built it! :)
As an added surprise, I made an interior for this bucket ala Riddell.
Hopefully, we could upload the picture soon.

Thanks for all the comments!

I'm ashamed and disappointed

I would have started a new topic on this, but it would just be merged to this one anyway.

I am ashamed of most of the members here. There have been 7 individuals to reply to this fabulous work out of the scores who are members here.
Why has this been so difficult for everyone to warm-up to? There were early hinted re-casting allusions, which have since been strongly dispelled with the posting of the original cardboard and body-filler mock-up being removed from the mold taken of it.

It sickens me to see how many readily participate in the so-many-lately OT threads, but have yet to say boo to this fellow artist. I feel embarrassed by the way this individual's efforts have been received here. He has been open and gracious enough to provide pictures of his operation and has withheld no information, unlike other instances where other's work was effectively fawned over while their secrets were closely guarded.

I shudder to think what response he'd get if he ever slapped a few coats of secret paint on one of those; a lynching, perhaps. Let those who would, loose the hounds on me, but give this man credit for his incredible efforts. He deserves a rightful place alongside all the other fantastic artists present here at TDH.

Come on, people! He IS one of us, after all. He wants a Fett of his own.
MMM I think that the idea of MC being a recaster has been put to rest through his own personal efforts and your also. But I just think that earlier statements that this would be a limited run of helmets and the fact that it came so close after the MSH and so close before the MSH2 that alot of people had already spent their helmet money or had ordered another. This is a great helmet and Im sure it will go over greatly and as for the artists work it is amazing. I wish I and i'm sure others wish also that we had the talent to make a helmet of this caliber out of posterboard and putty. And then to offer it with a special RF post modified for electronics to make it easier for the owner puts this helmet over the top but then again a suprise of a helmet interior like the riddell helmet just makes it unbelievable, so much so that many people may need to be reminded that this helmet IS IN THEIR PRICE RANGE. I think Budget Boba is the term that Rex gave it. If we see more of this kind of artwork out of MC then I am sure that he will have no trouble being accepted as a great artisan by all the members of TDH but even Bill Gates was once a man no one knew.

I'll give credit where credit is due, that's a great looking helmet even without a paint job. (y)

As TK-Fett alluded to, I've already bought my "A" ESB helmet otherwise I'd be all over this one, especially for what he's asking for them. Now if someone will make THE ROTJ helmet, I'm in. :love
I apologize if it sounded like I was pitching this helmet for sale. I am well aware of the fantastic choices available here in helmets at various price ranges. I endorse each and every one of them equally. I have "pitched" each one at several gatherings I have attended. The makers have become my friends, essentially, and I support their efforts willingly.

I already have a helmet. I made it. But I still am perfectly willing to compliment someone on a job well-done. I won't refrain from praising someone's work simply because I have no hope of ever owning one, or already have the item in question. Are we few the only ones who feel this way? I hope not.

MegalomaniacalMandalore wrote:

...... I won't refrain from praising someone's work simply because I have no hope of ever owning one.....

That struck a chord.

I personally think this is the best helmet I have seen. i haven't commented much as there's no way I can afford it at the moment (Impending birth of second child). I have been admiring from afar, as it were.

Great work MC, but you knew I thought that by now, I should think ;) sorry again for forgetting who you were :eek: :facepalm

MMM, a good point well made. Come on guys. Praise where it's due.

My comment still stands, it's AWESOME!

Can't wait to get mine...but due to me being on Active Recall, most of my cash has gone into my High Speed Gear upgrade. :/

An outstanding helmet nevertheless!

Great work Mardon!

Stay safe.

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