Fiberglassing a Jet Pack -measurements?


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Fiberglassing a Jetpack -measurements?

Greetings everyone!

Seeing most of the fabulous custom jet packs posted on this forum, encouraged me to try & make one for myself thru fiberglass.
Unfortunately, after searching the net, I am unable to find any technical drawings much less dimensions for making one.
How did you guys achieve yours?

I already have half the mind of maybe buying a 1/6 or 1/4 scale Boba Fett figure and scaling up the Jet Pack dimensions, but thought of asking here first.

Can anybody help?
Thanks in advance!


I took some line drawings of the pack off the net, and compared them to the original shots of the MOM fett.. and touched them up a bit, trying to get it to match to the real thing as possible. I then got the measurement off of some people that own the kit, and opened up Photoshop, scaled the line drawing to fit the demensions, and vola! I had something I could print out and use as a template.

I didn't fiberglass though, I used Sintra, and found stuff at the local shops to use on the pack.. but it wasn't that hard that I thought it would be to create a pack.. but honestly, it was the hardest part to do on the suit... mind you if I had of done the pack first.. I wouldn't have a fett mannequin right now.

So anyway, hope that idea might work for you. good luck.
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I'd like to welcome Mardon to our ranks. Mardon and I first met through our passion for another hobby- WWII in 1/6th scale. Mardon has made some of the most awesome 1/6th vehicles. Such as tanks, halftracks, trucks etc.

Trust me, he makes some mighty cool stuff! He has the abilities to make darn near anything in fiberglass.

Having lit his enthusiasm for Fett, I can only look forward to what he might come up with!! :D

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Again, thanks to Bounty's Hunted...we've got another Mandalore convert...LOL!

That's 3 BH...:D
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As one of BH's "boys", I can only give this advice to fellow converts; If he offers you Kool-Aid, refuse it. He is a master of mind tricks and will have you forsaking all other things for Mandalore. I'm ok. I can quit anytime....really............I can......really.......maybe.
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Maybe we should get this back on topic. :D :D

From what I have gleaned from the archived posts, the j/p appears to be the same as everything else as far as scaling. It should fit the wearer more than follow a set batch of dimensions.

As such, I will measure and build to fit my frame when suited up. There shouldn't be too much diversity between different males, or different females. The difference would be between the genders I would think. Boys have bigger jet packs to match their widerness at the shoulder.

Go with what "looks" right.
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You're email server is full dude. I just tried emailing you some pics and it couldn't get thru...LMK

Stay safe.

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There are a basic set of mesurements, it is difficult to get exact mesurements because scaling off pics can create a certain amount of error. I made a scratch built jet pack, from what I saw, I was making it .... somewhat correctly, when I saw a jet pack that was .."accurate" I couldn't believe how small the thing was, made my jet pack look like a 747. Of course my jet pack was too big. Looks can always be decieving with these things. Even though it may not be exact, getting basic mesurements can help you find the parts you need to create the jet pack. One incorrect assumption about the size of a part can throw off every other part. Don't be too concearned about getting everything accurate, just do the best you can. It is always a joy to build something yourself. In the end, it may not be the best, but the experience building it will help you do a better job in the future.
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Thanks for the info guys!
I believe custom fitting a jet pack to one's built is a good way of tackling a project, next to 'accuracy' (is there such a thing?)
One thing I didnt consider though is that I think I should wait for my armor with backplate as to study the contouring at the back as it might have an affect on fitting the j/p.

Toying around with the idea, I did measure and scaled up the jet packs of the 12" Hasbro Boba Fett as well as the Jango Fett and the measurements seemed similar to the over-all measurements I got from other members of this forum.
I also compared the over-all shape/details of both the 1/6 scale j/p to the SW (visual dictionary) book and they're the same (minus some small details).
These 1/6 scale toys will definitely help in measuring as well as proportioning when doing a 1:1 jet pack.

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