Fett rangefinder in "Alien"


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Take a look at this pic:


It's a helmet from Alien.
The block piece on top of the helmet looks very much like the Fett rangefinder.

Considering "Alien" used the original Dr. Evazan gun as the Alien crew sidearm,
perhaps there is also a connection between the rangefinder and the Alien helmet?
Maybe it could it be from the same type of found item?

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The shape is pretty close, although the scale is off. The one pictured is much too large for a normal Fett 'finder. However, for some shots in Alien, particularly the 'Space Jockey' scene, children were used in smaller suits, in order to make the Jockey appear larger than what it was.

With the 'finder being scaled, the helmet pictured appears too small even for a child's head.

Good eye, though!


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I too got the impression that the piece is a little too large for Fett.

But, perhaps whatever piece the rangefinder is made from was available in different scales.
Maybe if it can be found what the aliens helmet piece is,
it might lead to some clues as to what the RF is made from.

Of course there is a good possibility that the Aliens helmet is completly scratch built
and the piece is only coincidental.
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moffeaton said:
The hero Fett rangefinder is a custom piece. Trust me.
Not at all saying that isn't true, the top certainly does look custom made. But what do you mean by "hero" rangefinder, and do you have any proof of it being custom made? If I'm not mistaken, part of it actually is a found part.

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I don't think that is a full size helmet they made some suits for little kids to wear and a few other small ones. if this came from Martin Bowers website he is a model builder and not a costume designer. This could be smaller than perceived and maybe worth a shot looking into although prob not it.