Fett Helmet History


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No but it really only needs the GMH to sit somewhere around the buck and as the origins are still subject to debate it would need to be via some sort of question mark link.


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It'd be cool to take off the helmets that weren't made for the movies and dress the graphic up a bit for a cool poster!

Deja Fett

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Hahaha... Maybe someday we could do a small poster run... something like an 18 X 24! There is more info I would like to get first and I'd really have to go back and try to get really good shots of each helmet.

Also, I know I probably sound like a broken record, but I just want to make sure that no one thinks I did all this research. This sheet is a compilation of the work of dozens of Fett fans and friends of TDH! I am afraid to start thanking people for fear of missing someone but I would like to acknowledge Tyler Durdern as I can't tell you how many nights he and I have sat up for hours and hours, with the phone in one hand, a mouse in the other (sometimes swapping out for a scotch or bourbon) and just bouncing ideas off each other, as we scoured 1000s of images trying to find connections.
I love that project mayhem Fett Helmet with Tyler Durden is some how involved with this!
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