Fett gloves in the UK


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I want Boba fetts gloves! They are so cool. Has anyone in the UK found some good gloves as a base to start off with? I dont mind sewing the right colours on in the right places, but I need some good gloves to start with. I am going to make them myself as money is tight. any info would be great and I'd love to see pictures people!


trying doing a search on ebay for gloves- collectables, that's where i got my base gloves from though i haven't done anything with them yet.


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Have you tried looking in Wilkinsons ? .... I saw some gloves that would be a good pair of base gloves in there a while ago :)

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Is there a need to keep posting in old threads to sell your gloves?

Just bump your post in the Cargo hold, save time, typing, and fingers