Fett boot refunds?

Last I talked to him was a month or so ago. Said he's slowly but surely working down the list.

I know of a few people who've gotten their refunds though.

Here's what I last had from him:

At 03:35 PM 19/04/2003 -0400, you wrote:

Hi Jeremy,

Yes, that is true. I'm doing my best to get everybody refunded. It's going to take a while. I just blew my whole packcheck on refunds this week. I get paid in another 3 weeks. I'll send out your refund then.

Good eye . . . I'm usually better than that - can't believe I didn't notice it! :)



Just wondering here...

Why if he never had any boots actually made does he not have everyone's money? Shouldn't it have all been saved away somewhere? Obviously not... he spent it all and now has to come up with everyone's money. That is POOR, POOR business if you ask me. If you don't have the product, you shouldn't be collecting all the money for it!!!!

Just my 2 credits.

webchief wrote:

Just wondering here...

Why if he never had any boots actually made does he not have everyone's money?

Agreed - but I will just wait patiently for the refund. Thanks for letting me know that at least some have gotten thier money back - at least I feel that I will see it someday.
Well, that was my question awhile ago too.

I mean, I don't have a problem sending money before something is made (although I can understand why some people would have a problem with that I guess). Ideally they'd have the product ready to ship once they get our money but, let's face it, with the amount of orders he had (and the custom sized nature of boots), it's a lot to ask to ask a guy to have $5000 sitting there to put into boots, then wait for the orders to come in (and hope they're for the sizes he produced). I know I don't have that kind of scratch laying around. :)

But, I think back to any run that I've done of anything here, I've asked for the money up front, but, I've always kept it totally separate from any other money of mine, so that if for some reason, things don't go well, I can get the money back to them pretty much at the drop of a hat.

I'll wait, and I'm sure we'll get the money but, agreed, very poor business.

Well like EGO kind of said, whatever his business is at home is just that. I'm not gonna grill him to ask what he spent my money on up front. Sure I didn't like waiting for my boots anymore than the next guy, and I sure as heck wasn't the most happy person when I found out they couldn't be made. However, I waited it out and low and behold my refund returned to me in full. Just sit tight and I'm sure MC will return it to anyone who has yet to recieve it. ;)
I know Mark is a stand up guy, try to have patience. I have a set of his 10.5 boots that I'll part with if anyone wants them. I havent actually had any chance to finish my costume. I also have Durasteel Armor in metal. Anyone interested? The boots were worn once to a gig I played with my band and one of the spike tips fell off someplace. I was mad, but I know anyone can have one made fairly easily as a replacement. Heck, you might even be able to make a tip that wont fall off so easily. I love the boots and they are mint, but those tips were already tightened up twice before I lost a part. I dont think the design was that good on them. I do think the boots are WAY comfortable and nice though. Any offers PM me. Thanks.

Got a email from MC- I'm supposed to have my refund in three weeks. :) Hope so, I've got an awesome blaster that will be ready almost at the same time!


It's a Fett World we live in...always something Fett to buy!!

I had also, dealt with MC in the past and am very happy with his product,I thought he was no longer making fett/trooper boots? Im new to the board and was wondering what the problem was with him or his boots? I have finalllllly started to weather mine, so here's a photo of them in the first stage of weathering, I just used basic chalks, rust & flat black spray paint.


DreadPirateRoberts wrote:

Im new to the board and was wondering what the problem was with him or his boots?

oh - no problem at all with the product - in fact I was able to aquire a pair soon after MC mentioned he was unable to produce another run. I'm quite happy with them.

A bit ago there was an attempt to produce another run - even after saying no more would be made... it looks like it was the truth :)

Your boots are looking good - I'm always happy to see somebody make thier large investment worth more by making it look worth less!
I just wanted to clarify, I thought I had posted this on the other boot thread, but MC had to pay the factory up front for the boots. He's waiting on a refund from the factory, which apparently can take some time. So he's refunding money as he's able, from his own funds, and at a loss, by my calculation, of at least $10.00 per person. I think his poor business practice lies in his lack of voluntary communication, but in my experience he does respond promptly to any emails he's sent, and has been nothing but apologetic to me. I received my refund some time ago, as I was one of the first to contact him about it. I think it's time to lay off of a guy who TRIED to do a nice thing for everybody, and ended up getting screwed.
I was visiting the RPF (and Ebay as well) earlier tonight, and I noticed and looked at a pic that MC also made boots for Stormtroopers as well, which looks almost with his "signature" (something that makes them look similar, but being two completely different types of boots), and they were great quality as well. I'll try to take that pic to let you see what I'm talking about.

The point is that he did a great job in quality, but somehow his business went down the drain. I hope that he could get back in his feet soon and when he does solve his little setback, to continue with the boot run, but this time with someone that he could really trust.

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