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I was thinking of buying the Don post Boba Fett helmet/mask from ebay. Thing is, I was just wondering if it would be too big?? Does anyone know how big it is? I dont want to look like i have a huge head when I wear it ( I'm only 5ft tall!!!) I am sure someone on here must have one, so it would be great if you could let me know everything about it. I plan to *try* and dent it up a bit and put silver paint on it to make it look a bit battered.
I am also female and was wondering if there are any women out there who have managed to make a costume - I was wondering mainly about the chest armour!!!!!! I guess that most people on here are costume freaks-meant in the nicest possible way of course!! so i relly hope someone can help me get started. I plan to try and make everything from scratch as I am poor. I am only worried about the helmet really. PLEASE, Please kind people, help a fellow fett freak!
You have come to the right place and are right to be concerned first with the helmet. Its the most important part of the costume! In order to help the first thing people will want to know about is what year the DP is that you are thinking about. That will determine alot about what "everything" about it is, including size.

When you get to the armor you may even consider not doing "special" chest armor. If you search the site a bit you'll likely see both versions and they can both look great. Unless *ahem* it just won't work without modifications. :eek: It's just a matter of preference I suppose.

Here are some links that might help on your quest:

www.swchick.com - Mirax is an administrator here with a serious pension for doing great costumes. And keeping some of us wayward posters in line. ;) Check out her jango, femtrooper and (comming soon?) sandtrooper.

www.tk409.com - Also an admin here. great tutorials. build your boba from scratch! lots of links to other sites.

www.starwarshelmets.com - lots of info about many different versions of helmets.

And use that search function! Good luck! :cheers
I used a rubies Jango helmet for my girlfriend. She's 5' 1" I think it turned out fairly proportional. The Jango is a bit long from front to back though.




I too would recommend a Rubies Jango. Just be sure to soak it in hot water and then give it some nice flare. That'll make it look a lot better as well as giving you less front to back room.
There's a girl over at the mandalorian bounty hunters guild that is having problems with helmet size. She apparently is also small framed and the Rubies is still large on her. I'm actually curious about the cheapie 2 piece rubies. I'm wondering if it is smaller than the standard rubies. Phillip Fett ran a thread on fixing one of these up into a working helmet (http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/showthread.php?t=6773). Might be something to look into.
I'm only 5'2" and small build and I had a rubies but personally, I felt that was too small. I believe the helmet in my pics on my site are with that helmet. I now have a larger helmet based on a DP deluxe and I am much happier with the size of it. Let me see if I don't have any pics of it on.
WOW, i didnt expect so many replies! Thank you! ^_^
Anyway, I was thinking about getting a Jango and converting him to Boba.
heres the link:
I hope that works!! If not let me know. This will be the first thing I have ever done like this!I do like painting and artwork so it will be something to add to the portfolio. I think I am just gonna concentrate on the helmet first and see about the rest of the costume in a few years when my finances are sorted. My boyfriend is looking forward to the project, esecially as he has ideas to display it in the house! I think it will end up as a display piece anyway, although I may answer the door with it on!!! Anyway, let me know what you all think of the conversion and I'll buy one if you think its a good idea. I do!
And there is nothing wrong with being a tiny lady. :p
Thankis so much everyone!!!!
Unless it IS smaller don't go for the 2 piece Rubies Jango Deluxe. Go for the 1 piece Collector's Jango, it's a much better beast. Let me know if your in the UK and I'll send you a pm for a good place to get one.
I am in the UK. Nottingham to be exact-not that anyone needs to know....but I dont mind! Once again, thankies, the pictures are all great everyone, they look super cool. If anyone can let me have any info on painting the helmet, please tell me!!! I want to paint it myself and plan to spend aloooooong time on it. would the helmet in the link (see above) be suitable for painting? has anyone painted one before?
That is the same helmet I used for the Femme Fett I posted pics of, well none of the Rubies Jango ever accually looked like that I don't know how they got away with advertising using that image. Anyways it took me almost half a day to paint mine. Fwew that was hard work.
Well...i just ordered from the link above. Im looking foward to the conversion, I'll let you know how it goes but since its my first one, Ive decided to keep him for display only. If all goes well, I will buy a better one to wear. Thank you everyone for all your help.
Good luck with the helmet. I've painted 5 Rubies Collectors Jango for my movie and they've all turned out well in my opinion. When you paint it I recommend giving it a quick going over with a fine sandpaper. This will take the finish off the paint and give your new paint scheme something to adhere to.
If your trying to keep the cost down for the rest of the costume I suggest checking out the Trash-can thread in the armour section. It's a very good way to make the chest armour on the cheap, assuming you can find a bin to make it from. Several of us are searching for a suitable store in the UK to buy the correct bins from, so as soon as we know we'll let you know if you want.
I'm only a couple of inches taller than you, and the DP '96 is working for me.

However, I have a naturally large head, so it doesn't look that different than normal. :p

EDIT: .... Or I could make a fool of myself for not looking at when the thread was made .... my bad...
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