Fellowship of the bodysuit-To be Shipped!!!

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Second shipment estimated date: Tues Oct 26,2004 Please have your addresses to me for your neoprene shipment!

New thread for the :zam bodysuit fabric. This list is for those who are in the fellowship for the bulk fabric ordering for the body suit material of the zam outfit. For the newbs, we all believe that this suit was made from lycra and a foam backing, so we chose neoprene. The final material will be 6 yards (minus two inches) per person at 48-54" width, pantone 5135U(chosen from Dallas's trip to Australia at MOM viewing of the actual zam outfit displayed) with open cell neoprene (breathable) and blue nylon (to keep us from smelling like rubber) all laminated together. A sample of the prototype will be shipped to all those on the list. The material will come in a two months after the final order is placed. The seamstress will contact those interested in having thier bodysuits made by her, when the material is finished lamination. Many other questions can be answered by reading these webpages/threads in this order:
Please check if your info is correct... This list is in no particular order.
The Fellowship of the bodysuit: :)=seamstress list :confused=undesided on seamstress

  1. <LI>Zam I Am :)PAIDHappy Costumer

    <LI>Ragresen:)PAIDHappy Costumer

    <LI>Maulmaus:)PAID Fabric Sent

    <LI>Moncal:) PAID Suit sent

    <LI>JediNitess PAID Happy Costumer

    <LI>Cutest Sangirl PAID Happy Costumer

    <LI>The Wookie :)PAID Fabric Sent

    <LI>Dustin Crops Boy PAID Happy Costumer

    <LI>Zamsara :)PAID Fabric Sent

    <LI>Dark Trooper:)PAID Fabric Sent

    <LI>Sith_Camaro PAID Happy Costumer

    <LI>Lady Zam:)PAID Happy Costumer

    <LI>Gaeriel PAIDApril Happy Costumer

    <LI>surlygirlie PAID Happy Costumer

    <LI>Fettsbounty PAID(lycra only) Happy Costumer
Quite a list eh? Impressive!
First shipment, April 19,2003.
Second Shipment Tues Oct 26,2004.
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Woohoo! I should recieve a call back about the dyeing tomorrow or Thursday for the lab dip to see if this color matches DCB's descriptions. Thanks for the compliments y'all. This fellowship rocks! Long live the Clawdite Club! Can you tell, I'm quietly excited (at my weee little desk) at work?
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Very cool!!! :D :D This is getting exciting now!!!!

*Decides more caffeine is not necessary now! ;) *
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I want to say thanks, too, Zam I Am, for all the work you've put into this - great job. I'm sure it's been frustrating at times, but it really looks like we're getting somewhere now!
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Fellowship of the bodysuit...*chuckles*...very nice.

Thanks again for all your hard work Zam I Am!
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**GULP** That's quite a bit per person. C'MON PEOPLE! JOIN IN! WE NEED MORE ZAMS!

I need a PM too to find out how much this outfit is going to cost to have a seamstress work on it please. Thanks! Is this stuff workable to sew with a home sewing machine?
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Woohoo! they are sending me the lab dips today! (I am trying to save us money...)I chose snail mail to get the cost lower :) They will be sending me 5 swatches, which I will post when I get them. (then I will send them to Dallas for confirmation.) :cheers
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Ooooh! Will there be another "run" sometime after this one? I'd have you put me on the list now, but I don't have the cash right at the moment :facepalm

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No, after all this trouble, I doubt I will make another "run." I am really sorry Austin. If like 9 or more people said, please!!! then maybe. But a big NO otherwise.

EDIT** A word to those who are doing the suit themselves, this is a four-way stretch material. Make sure to cut the pattern so that the top portion of the lycra that hangs over,is used as the edge of the top of your pants and the bottom of the crop top in order to prevent your suit from looking way too bulky on the edges.
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Yes... The Fellowship.

"You have my Sewing Machine."
"...And my scissors!"
"...And my fabric!"

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I'm definetly interested in ordering the fabric, but will it cost more to send it all the way to Holland? And have you got a pic of the color of the fabric? It's a lot of money so I want to be sure it looks good. A friend of mine here in Holland is also interested, but I won't see him until next week. So I'm not sure yet if I want to order it.
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Yep it will cost more to ship to holland. I don't know how much, as I would have to stop by the post office and check. If you want special shipping, like federal express, then that would cost whatever their rate charges are. I don't know what the currency conversion would be for the Euro vs. american money either. I only accept american funds. I can only fit one more person on the list. I am really sorry, but I can't fit anymore than just one person for that fabric order. Oh, and the color hasn't arrived yet, but it will be dyed to the pantone color of the Magic of Myth Zam costume in Austrailia.

Can you tell I've never shipped overseas before? Hehe..Someone help me here.
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It shouldn't be extremely expensive to ship overseas. You can look on USPS website for overseas shipping rates and get an idea. USPS global express is usually what I do. I think it's just a bit more than going by boat and it's much much quicker.
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It really isn't too bad shipping items overseas (I lived in Germany for 5 years so I've been there and done that! ;) )

You'll need to fill out a US custom's form - and considering how much the fabric will cost I would get extra insurance on it.

It's pretty much a toss-up between UPS and US AirMail though Airmail would be slightly quicker. These are probably the cheapest ways to go unless you want to go surface (4-6 weeks).
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where do you get US custom's forms--(I don't get taxed do I?) and does anyone know if there is a surcharge from your bank to exchange currency?

Actually, Gaereil, if you have the equivalent of a cashier's check over there and send it in the form of USA currency(when the time comes, meaning don't send it yet), that would be better, cause I hope everyone's money clears the same week so that I can purchase the fabric in a speedy timeframe.

My seamstress has February free, but March she's moving to a storefront location. Want to get in as many suits as possible during Feb.
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