Feedback from Fetts w/fiberglass armor Please

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I need to know how you mounted your fiberglass armor plates to your vest and how well you like it please. At the moment I am aware of snap and velcro systems for mounting the armor. I wasn't sure the velrco would hold, but after seeing what it does with my Stormtrooper armor I think it might. Anyway any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!!! (y)
velcro moves too much. Simply take some JB Weld and your snaps, go to town. Trust me on the Velcro thing, you want something that will move with you and stay in place. For the amount of time you take to sew the velcro onto your vest, you might as well have created holes for your snaps and hammered them in.
I use velcro and I dont really recommend it. It tends to push the armor off of the vest more than you want it too. I think I'm gonna remove it all and glue the armor to the vest before C3. My $.02

P.S. My armor is sintra but I think the fiberglass would act the same in this case :D
Klinsek said:
Serious? I would be interested in more on that...

Glue the magnets on the back of the armor with 2 part 2 minute epoxy.

Line up the armor where you want it and put the magnets on the back of the vest,- the armor will temporarialy stay for you to tape the magnets to the backside of the vest- then duct tape the magnets in the back in place with all the armor attached on the front. Take the armor off and with the magnets still in place on the back, take more magnets and attach them exactly where the magnets are from the back, and put them on the front where the magnets where on the armor that you glued on the inside. apply patches and glue with 2 minute epoxy.

Then your done, simply let the armor magnetize to the vest.

Glue the magnets on the front of the vest with fabric patches.

how strong is it, the last picture, the whole entire vest, I am picking it up by the diamond which has 2 magnets in it only.
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HOLY $#@!....what kind of magnets are those?!....that is a sweet settup :) How does that work with chest display? I would think magnets that strong would freak out the electronic display unit... :confused
They are very very strong, As for the LED display, do not let the whole bar of 40 magnets attack to it, or it might mess up like mine did, but since I fixed it, I am having no trouble.
Wow, that's a really good idea. How many magnets did you get total?

Do you think you could use this for the jet pack, too? That would mean no more hassling with harnesses!
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SledFang said:
Wow, that's a really good idea. How many magnets did you get total?


Do you think you could use this for the jet pack, too? That would mean no more hassling with harnesses!

IF you got enough its possible. you wouldnt see the straps coming out of the backplate though and I would rather have that even thought its a big pain.
You've inspired me to try the magnet method for my upper armor. I have a question on how you mounted the magnets to the vest. Did you mount inside the vest with cloth patches glued? What kind of glue did you use for the fabric?
Geez....Yup, yer right Cal196...I just didn't read it carefully enough....But did you use same epoxy on fabric too? Or did you use a fabric glue? Thanks!
I've had really good results with Shoe Goo. I've used it to attach velcro strips to my vinyl ammo belt, attaching velcro to vac-formed armor pieces, and fabric to fabric. It's flexible as well.
Hm, I am also using velcro. I was sceptical about them too when beginning, but I am very satiesfied now. They are strong ( I really have to use some force to remove the plates when undressing ) and everything keeps in place when moving around.
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