ESB vest shouder bells and chest armor progress pics

Woa!!! thats lookin mighty fine! I also am in the stages of putting together a new ESB vest & am awaiting MLC armour. What set do you have there? It looks incredible so far! The base vest also looks terrific! Post some more pics when you get some weathering on that bad boy!! (y) Nicely done
thanks guys!

sorry about the quality of the pics.i dont have a digital cam as of yet.the armour and shoulder bells are all sintra done by me.i also made the vest using satin inside out (thank you lisa fett) and a old t-shirt was used as a pattern.i made the neckpiece then i brought it over to my local tailor for the pleats.
Looking good :D Cant wait to see it with the weathering. Remember though, the left shoulder is more of a yellow color than the right shoulder ;)
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