ESB to ROTJ jumpsuit conversion...


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hmm... well, I know there are some differences in form of the jumpsuit aswell, like the flaps on the pockets and that ESB has got to left side hip pouches... but I don't have time to make a new jumpsuit, and this one (wich was an edited one by my mother) looks ok, and it fits well.

I modified the the ends of the sleeves aswell as the part that now goes into my boot, making roome for ankle spats wich ESB doesn't have.

I toke them in on the sides and attached a tight elastic strip underneath my foot sool. It now stays tucked into my boots very nicely, I ran up the stairs a few times and did some stupid movements, movements you would't or couldn't make when in full costume and they stayed inside the boot the entire time.

looks kinda big around the upperlegs and crotch, but it's A-ok when I wear the strap of the Cod etc... as seen on the ESB form...

also made a flak vest myself, it's kind of tight, but I'll add some velcro and place some armor on to see if it looks ok, kind of hard to tell like this. Velcro closure on the back.. sjees... next time I'll modify some paterns instead of going without, because this was trying...

the jumpsuit was bleached in the washing machine and for some reason it came out in a sort of grey colour... maybe the force was in the soap or something, so I sprayed on some pearl grey, wich is beige like and then some black and brown (especially brown on the pockets)...

here is the ESB appearance...

DSCN1345 25%.jpg

DSCN1362 25%.jpg


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and here is what it looks like now...

the knees are on in a diagonal pitch for some reason... think I'll pad them on the inside...




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:) thnx CP!!

but looking at paint jobs on thusfar my jet pack, gauntlets, blaster.. and the new cape and jumpsuit colour etc... this ROTJ one will be somewhat better then my ESB... regardless of what is your personal favourite, just judging by wich one looks more like the one seen on film...

am I making any sense here? :p


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:D thnx!

the jumpsuit was initially white, then thrown into the washing machine with paint from a brand called "dylon". That's it for the ESB blue...

they also happened to fabricate a bleeching thingy, also for in the washing machine, that doesn't damage your clothing and it washed out the blue, and left the black weathering on (maybe thats why the suit came out grey like after the bleeching).

then I sprayed on 3 colours by hand; black brown and pearl grey (wich is beige, brown like) giving it a real good weathered look, unfortunatly it doesn't really show on these pics, I'll make new ones when I wear the full costume I gues.


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Thanks,.....Dylon, ok now I'm try and make my own jumpsuit. Mine is white but no pockets or extra stuff. Thanks again for the help.


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ow tip... use the exact same material for your pockets as your jumpsuit is made of... if ya mix em...let's say... 100% cotton and 70% cotton-30% polyester... you might end up with this...

my early uh... draft??... loooong time ago...

we had a good laughter about it... for a moment.. then I thought it sucked... and it cost a few extra hours editing another jumpsuit....

pockets mix.jpg


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just to show that there's quite alot of colour on this thing, wich I think came out real nice, I made a few more pics.


thigh pockets.JPG

shin pockets.JPG

neck area.JPG

sleeve close-up.JPG

fabric close-up.JPG


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:D thnx so much JFJ!!!

and as always, you're comments are amongst the ones I care most for!!

as your Fett is still one of the best out there!! (and it's ESB...) :p

I'm getting there slowly, almost done now, I just need to bleach my ankle spats, dye them a little, finish up on the ammo belt and get new armor.

also getting a BM helmet, so my Fett will finally look alot better then it did!!!


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someone asked how my pockets were attached, well the suit wasnt taken appart, so the pockets were sewn on leaving the suit itself intact, just pull the trousers over the sewing machine, feet end for shin pockets, crotch end for thigh pockets...

here are some pics showing the inside of the thighs and the seamlines.

seams 1.JPG

seams 2.JPG


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thnx!!! :D

I just wore some stuff, still with old armor (and no but piece ), the knees are ESB styled with the weathering and all, but I am NOT going to repaint them, as teh quality of the paint jobs on both my gauntlets and jet pack are not outstanding in durability... my advice... DO NOT repaint anything... just make or buy new stuff... will both keep your current props A-ok and expand your collection...

below the waiste I am as good as done.

spikes... new armor and that's it...





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Hey, your ESB Fett was outstanding but waht you've done for the ROTJ conversion tops it easily. I hope the ESB purists might forgive me for that ...


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wow man!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
I wish mine ends that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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:D thnx people!!! thnx so much!!!

more updates will follow... currently working on something that's about to become the new cod piece...