ESB to ROTJ cape conversion..


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or change...
well, I had a TK-409 ESB cape, looks fantastic!! bit sturdy, but looks awesome!!

I looked at Brak's Buddy's measurments for the ROTJ cape, toke a piece of cloth from school, did some stitchin (it's double, the cloth, if thats clear for anyone what I mean by that), then worked on it with a scizor for the weathering, and finally sprayed some beige, yellow, white like colour on it, and some black... cost me nothing so that's possibly and maybe the only + point...

I'll probably redo it at some point, but it'll do for now.

I'm getting the hang of this sewing :)

another plus point maybe that the back of my own made cape is worked out and finished, so it looks the same as the front, no ugly stitches or something when wind pops up when walking outside (and the material is quite soft and smooth, so the cape moves very elegantly with the wind... and I love the look of that :D ), ofcourse the ROTJ is easier cause it's all green....

Well suits finished... not a month has passed... allready upgrading :lol:

above the cape I have now, and when I posted my "thank you" thread and stated I wanted to change my cape asap, sjees...

TDH contains so much nice people!! I immediatly got PM's from people who either had an army shelter laying around, or were even willing to pick one up for me!! (thank you so much tk7602!!! :) )

but me being stupid, I had allready found one here in my own little frog land after bothering alot of good people here on TDH...:( sorry folks!!

and well... HERE IT IS!!! :D I love the the texture and colour it has!! perfect!! It does not have the correct stitching to it, but that's no problem at all. I got the right material and those stitches... I'll add them myself :)

I love it!!

more progress this weekend I gues.. little busy with school this week... tests etc...

army tent.JPG

army tent 2.JPG
i don;t really get it..

the more I look at the colour.. the more I think it's brown rather than green...

fixable with a few spray cans, but is it supposed to have that contrast...?

I can post a pic of my armor with the material...
well..maybe it is, but it's just... strange, as usual every ref oic shows different colours :p but I'm thinking to spray over the cape slightly with some kind of green... not sure wich one though...

colour looks way of (upper left corner for those who didn;t see :p ) like this, maybe the flash altered it a bit 2, but not that much... I think, all colours might be a littel darker in normal light..

this isdifficult...

wrong colour.jpg
The green canvas will look different depending on the light. Especially older more faded canvas. Looks great to me!
:) well... gator and pavespawn said it... no choice but to agree then...

I tried some spraying on a scrap piece, If I get the right green colour, millitairy green or zomething it might look a wee bit better.

also gonna check the store where I always get these dyes for in the washing machine... who knows, maybe they have US army green.

thnx for the advice friends!

wheiter or not it is the correct green... it's one hell of alot better then what I have now :lol:

hmm... what you said about faded green pave... the tent sure as hell looks used.. alot, and on the edges it's alot darker then the rest of the tent. problem is both sides were once used as outsides, as they are equally faded...
sewn weathered and tatterd,,, just in the wasing machine right now, almost done.

Had to make the upper seam myself aswell, this was easy and fun to do :)

Thnx to Brak's tutorial :)

seam line.JPG

seam line 2.JPG
I own a lot of army clothing, some old some newer. From experience, I can say the army green gets a lot lighter with age. I totall agree with Pavespawn, your color is probably perfect, just missing the the natural sunlight fade. Maybe put it in the back window of your car for the summer :lol:
well... the weather is strange... and so are ym cam's settings, so the colours are very weird, both outside and inside... (inside because of flash)

well anyways, gives a good look of what it is now.
strange thing is... most of my spray can weathering came off in the washing mashin, clearly seeing that Boba doesn't have a simple thing like that anboard his slave I, for he would have looked alot cleaner if he had :p

I don;t really mind, looks ok as it is.. right?

some day I'll get good outside pics, but not today :p

(compare shot shows old cape)

*EDIT* pic without flash...

compare 1.jpg

cape outside 2.JPG

cape outside 1.JPG

cape done 1.JPG

cape done 2.JPG

cape done 3.JPG
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now I feel almost sorry for cutting up the tent...

this does explain the fading though...


ow by the way... from the rest of the tent I'm going to make a Darth Maul like/knight cloak with a hood and all for dear Boba...

in a good Boba weathered style ofcourse :)

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