ESB to ROTJ armor conversion...


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Yes!!! finally, I can start finishing up!!!

I'll get my armor pieces from someone else, as I have no material or skills to make a decent set myself.

I will do a few pieces myself though, like the cod... wich I started on today.
I used the trash can idea, and got one of those R2-D2 looking things, my cod looks a little small, but it's attached to the girth, so only a small part of it will be visible.

the white stuff is kit, wich needs to dry real good now, then I can put some sandable filler over it and put a primer on it. I won't start painting though, untill I have all the new armor pieces...

trash can.JPG

cod dremmeled.JPG

2 pieces.JPG

2 pieces 2.JPG

rough cut.JPG

rough cut 2.JPG

rough cut 3.JPG
:) thnx people!!!

all though I can work with trash and stuff, a full accurate chest armor set is out of the question... so... I am going to pick up this set from the other boba creator in the netherlands (yes... there are only 2 Fetts in the netherlands)...

I send him the templates from WoL and theyre awesome and scaled down perfectly... although I am now getting a little frustrated over here...

I've come quite a long way now... and I fear I will be stuck... as I am yet again finding myself depending on others... I HATE that...

1. I fear these plates are far to big for me.

2. I cannot use my old collar and backplate with these babies, as theyre first off...horrible.... second.... to small in comparison to these new chest pieces...

3. there for I'm going to have to get a new collar plate AND backplate from around here somewhere, wich is no doubt gonna have me grovel on the floor everywhere and work my butt off.... right... if anyone knows a good source with a normal price tag please PM me...

4. wich cause all my progress to stall is that ********************** I called a friend, and pulled my leg, therefor, I cannot order stuff through the internet annymore(he had a creditcard).... untill recently I asked my neighbour if he would be so kind to order the stuff (I dont have a creditcard)... thank god (if hes real) my neighbour was more then willing to do this for me... accept there was one little problem... he wasnt a member of paypal yet... SO... now we have to wait for his user code to get here, wich is on his statement from the bank, if he got his last the day before I asked ... it's going to take another freaking 4 weeks before I can order anything...

that means....
5. I can't get a hold of my new BobaMaker bucket in time for my personal deadline... and no way of getting a new fitting collar and backplate...


this is great!!! I have had enough of Fett again.... screw it...

nieuw armor 2 small.jpg

nieuw armor small.jpg
R boba fett said:
this is great!!! I have had enough of Fett again.... screw it...

Noooooooooooooooo :eek: Don't give up man!
I feel the same way from time to time. I see awesome stuff in your pic, jet pack, gauntlets and a nice looking bucket. You've come too far to give up. Ok, maybe you aren't giving up. Why don't you try to make your own armor from trash can material? The cod looks good and others have made pretty nice trash can armor. Some think the cod is one of the harder pieces to make and you did that, the chest pieces are kinda easy in comparison.

You can do it! (y)
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thnx for the supporting words Christo!! :D

but hmm.... it's the back plate I'm concerned about... we don't even have sintra here, so even if I do something again myself it will be plexi-glas again... I hate plexi-glas armor... I wanted to replace that....

the chest pieces that I'll get sunday will probably work out just fine, I can always lay the template I send him on a little smaller and cut it out again, no worries there... but bloody hell.... almost... almost there!! and then you get "poodoo" like this!! sjjees lawees :p

BM's bucket... it looks so good!!! and I can finally start painting new pieces instead of repainting my old junk... tip: DONNOT repaint stuf... no good for the material your painting.

well we'll see... if that code is coming in between now and a week or so... I MIGHT be able to get it all done with ordering a back and collar plate... from someone :confused and BM's excelletn bucket...

:cry Fett's really pushing it this time!!
allright!! turns out that the BM bucket is underway and the set of new armor is almost ready to be painted.

here's the set of armor with the holes drawn them by me, and eventually dremmeled out, then all pieces were sanded.

so the chest and collar are ready for primer, and then paint.

the back is made from the trashcan and the collar from plexi-glas.
I got the set of armor from the other Dutch Fett.

the back plate and the cod still need some filling, bondo and sanding.

then I can start painting them.

back & collar.JPG

back & collar 2.JPG

back & collar 3.JPG

holes drawn.JPG

holes made and sanded 2.JPG

holes made and sanded 3.JPG

holes made and sanded.JPG

holes made ans sanded 4.JPG
I have to agree with webchief here, awesome work. You certainly have talent in making whatever materials you have available look as good as the pre-made kits. Your painting skills are impressive as well. I can't wait to see the finished product. :cheers
:D yeah same anticipation for the paint job here.... or stress.... hope it'll work out :D

thnx guys!!! stay tuned for updates, will get some primer and hopefully main colour of green today...
everything is now primed, here's just a quick shot on how the cod was finished... you can figure the rest is also ehrm... white :p

anyways, it's not completly smooth, but it'll do. Paint covers alot.
now all remains is the center diamond and a search for some correct matt green and yellow/orange spray cans... shjees that's gonna be hard...

cod form finished.JPG

cod primed.JPG

cod primed 2.JPG
You see very little of the cod anyways. Well the way I wear mine its like that. That looks great the chest armor is slam'in.
:) thnx Cal!

hmm... hope it turns out ok, failed attempt with spray cans here, just no way obtaining matt colours here in this bloody country.

hmm... I used a brush and just some pots of paint... as usual... well the gauntlets and jet pack came out... these will 2 I suppose...

tommorow it's on to the shoulder and chest symbol, and depending on how fst the paint dries, some weathering aswell!!
ok here goes nothing...
hmm... did the green on and the orange for the shoulders, aswell as an indication of where I need to paint the symbols...

:) thank you JG Fett!

and heres the chest and such...
with some green washed on.. some black washed on...

black misting etc.

well... inside I think the yellow is a bit to dark, looking at it outside (like in these pics) I think it's ok...

anyways, it's done... on to the back and shoulders...

all green.JPG

washed and mustarded.JPG

black misted.JPG

finished chest.JPG

chest decal finished.JPG

finished chest 2.JPG

finished chest 3.JPG
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