ESB side pockets. What is the correct way of attaching?

Ruffkintoy wrote:

I used velcro, put some on the back of the ammo pouches and then some on the side pouches. Works out nicely.

That is what I planned on doing Also! ;)
I think that would work great!
Robert E.
The ammo belt is a belt with 7 pouches for the ESB version. It's the brown belt that goes over/above the rope belt. I suggest Reidemiller's ammo belt if you are looking:)

Forced Trekker wrote:

Not to just hijack the thread but what does the ammo belt go on?

Doh! That was dumb. I guess it was late when I typed this... :lol:

What I meant to ask is what belt does the holster go on? Is it the ammo belt, or the rope belt, or some other way?

Sorry for that!
It goes on the ammo belt, here's a picture of how my set up looks


Thanks for that info. I had heard this might be the case. Anyone have any info on this separate belt? Are the pockets looped on like with the ROTJ pockets on the ammo belt?

journeymanprotector wrote:

I believe they run on a separate belt and come out from under the belt pouches.

Hope this helps,

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