ESB Lower Back & Left Ear color?


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Ok, I'm gonna go out and pick these 2 last colors up today. I know that these haven't been nailed down properly yet, but I'll settle for whatever comes close.

I think I might pick up Japanese Navy Green for the lower back, but I'd like some other input too please ;).
And I really don't know what to buy for the left earpiece!

Help a brotha out yo...or something :D

Boba Freekk

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i just painted the back with krylon hunter green.i know its not accurate but i got tired of searching for paints.ill probably try to mist a blue over it in attempt to achieve that bluish-green it has.

as for the earpiece ive read somewhere that spruce green is a decent choice.

hope that helps somewhat.


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The left earpiece is, I believe, the same as the dome and lower cheeks. So I think you could just use the Panzer Olive Grun. As for the back of the helmet, I used Hunter Green but I don't know if it's that accurate.
Hope this helps. :)