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O.k. well I was on a quest to find a jumpsuit pattern, which I did finally find. YEAH!
Mostly due to the fact I want to make a custom jumpsuit for myself, girl friendly. Basically a jumpsuit but with removable pants (no laughing) like the cargo pants with the zip off legs. But it will still look like one piece. If you don't understand why, well I don't have outdoor plumbing. Enough said... with that.
Back on topic I plan to dye the fabric and was wondering the colors used by others for an ESB jumpsuit. Anyone have a color formula for the jumpsuit and the girthbelt? OR ideas?
Also are the side pouches the same color? I know it may sound like this has been said before or asked and I have used the search, honestly.
I found the pattern diagrams for the pouches which is still a bit unclear, just nothing definative as far as color.
I really appreciate the help and thank goodness for tdh!!! (y)
I have found more help here than I could ever imagine.
I wish I could make it to Dragon Con I'd love too, next year! We are in the process of moving into a new home... hopefully by mid August. Packing and moving a family of 5 & Trying to complete my Fett and finishing up costume orders for Con's has been quite taxing and I'm ready to drop!!
Thanks much!
i would think you could cut the jumpsuit in half at the middle (where the belts and girth and puches would be) and add a zipper or snaps to be able to pull down the bottoms in case of emergency. No one would see the snaps or zipper under the belts, etc. Not a bad idea. But, you may want to make the cod, girth, belts, puches somehow one big piece that can come off just as easily.

As far as dye for the girth goes, I do not know. For the jumpsuit, I used rit black with a white jumpsuit. One cycle in cold and it came out grey (not black). but I used the Levi's bottle formula, not the powder.

I do believe the side pouches are the same color as the jumpsuit.
As far as dying your jumpsuit is concerned, I'll try to be of what help I can. I dunno what you used for your base etc, or what material, but heres what I did with mine. I sewed the jumpsuit from the green pepper pattern called the "black butte jumpsuit" I used white cotton twill. After the jumpsuit was completed, I ran it through the wash with one pckage of rit royal blue. Make shure you let the wash cycle begin & run for a bit to mix up the dye before you throw your jumpsuit in;) When done, the jumpsuit will look very blue!!!! Don't worry about'll fix that later;) After that, I let it hang on the drying line outside for a day. For my next step, I ran it through the wash again using 2 packages of rit "pearl grey" make shure you use the grey. If you try to fudge it using black, you'll end up with a purplish hue...(I tried that:lol:) When dry, you will have a pretty decent slate blue color. Hopefully;) The next part is really tricky. You may want to tweak the color slightly, as I did. I did not keep tabs as to how I arrived at my final color after that. What I can tell you is, I ran it trough the wash several more times using either very slight amouts of rit royal blue, or rit pearl grey. I don't think I could replicate it exactly if I tried:lol: Once I had a color I was satisfied with...Still very bluish, I airbrushed the heck out of it with a dark grey for the weathering. I hope that helps more than confuses, but for the most part, if you use a combination of Rit royal blue, and Rit pearl grey, you should be able to arrive at a color that you are satisfied with. Just be prepared to run the thing through the wash many times if you have to;)
Heres how mine ended up.
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hmm, about the plumbing.
I have to say, it's annoying, every trooper or Fett has to acknowledge that.
but how are you gonna take care of the cod and belts and stuff, theyd still have to go of, even the gauntlets wont be comfortable... actually, when you need to go... the only thing ud then be wearing is you zip-able jumpsuit, armor vest, knees and boots... thats about the entire costume, cause I dont think you'll keep your bucket on aswell.

At the line-up for ep 3, I walked around as Fett from 2:00 hours till 23:00.
that was very trying, I recommend you dont drink that much, but eat just a few pieces of bread etc. So just cut back to a minimum of food and water... but drink enough though, don;t want to pass out because of malnutrition :p

I went out the suit at about 6:00 to go to the bathroom, and went back in the suit right after... I even wore the bloody thing during the film... partially, but that way I could strap myself back up entirly for the live broadcast after the movie... didn;t want to miss that. :)
When you’re starting a Jango costume, there’s no real reason to have a one piece suit, but if you’re planning to do a Boba, the stomach area under the flak vest is visible so you have to hide the zipper under one of the three seams. Its higly probable that the real suit had also a zipper.

Hey Jango’s your Fett looks just like a pirate with just one leg and a hook! :lol: (y)
From What I have seen the side pouches are a natural unbleached muslin color. I was considering using tea to dye white fabric to the right color, but ended up finding some fabric that is nearly the perfect color, just need to weather it. Though in some shots they do look grey, may be it just me.

The two peice jump suit, is what I am going to do as well. In my case I am long waisted and can't find any jump suit or pattern that will fit properly.
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