ESB Jetpack and Gauntlet Detailed Paint Guide - My Top 10 Questions


Jr Hunter
So I’ve searched the archives here and tried to piece together the best info I can on paint colors to use on both the jetpack and gauntlets for an ESB Boba. I have a lot of questions on some of the detail… maybe obvious to some, but I don’t want to screw it up! Here it goes. Would love any input and let me know if I missed anything:

All Paints are Humbrol except for the Primer

*** UPDATED with what I actually used and based on the input below.

  • Primer = Rustoleum self etching primer
  • Main color = Cockpit Green 78 with either a dab of White 34 if you are mix-master like Lou/DVH or can do a light mist of white after the fact. Goal is to have it be slightly faded. More detail is here: ***I ended up taking a new 14ml tin and adding just a drop or two of white into it. That was it. I didn't want to go too far with it.
  • Dark Grey Damage = Blue Grey 79
  • Light Silver Damage = Silver Metallic 11
  • Dental Expander = Gold Metallic 16
  • Rocket = Copper Metallic 12 (Tip), Black 33 and Silver 11 (Body)
  • Flame thrower = Black 33, Silver 11, and Scarlet/Red 60
  • Keypad = Silver 11 (Body), Scarlet/Red 60 and Blue 25 (Buttons)
  • Whipcord Launcher = Gloss Black 21 and White 34; end facing out is Gold Metallic or use a piece of metallic paper instead (more detail here:

Key Questions:
  1. I’ve seen recently the reco that the white parts on the flamethrower should actually be silver. Is this true? And if so, does it also include the back/connecting plate that was usually black on top and white on bottom? Same for the wires – do the top and bottom wires remain white? ***Used Silver 11 and painted the connecting plate Black on top and Silver on bottom. I used Red (middle one) and White (other two) on the wires.
  2. For switches and darts, it looks like the tip of the switches should be black and the first two tips of the darts should be painted black and red? ***This is correct. I painted the first one black, second one red.
  3. What color are the 2 dental files on the whipcord launcher? Looks like red and silver from the reference pics. ***This is correct.
  4. For metal darts and switches, what is recommended to use for a wash for weathering? ***I ended up not weathering these.
  5. What color is the light button? I’ve seen some black and some red. ***I ended up leaving it black for now.

Jet Pack
  • Primer = Rustoleum self etching primer
  • Main color = Cockpit Green 78
  • Dark Grey Damage = Blue Grey 79
  • Light Silver Damage = Silver Metallic 11
  • Dental File = Blue 25
  • White Dot = White 34 or decal
  • Thruster Front Greeblies = Silver 11 (if not metal) and Scarlet/Red 60 (inside)
  • Thruster crosses = Tamiya XF-63 German Grey (supposed to be the substitute for PRR Brunswick Green)
  • Side Greeblies = Silver 11 (if not metal)
  • Collar = Silver Metallic 11 (body/bottom) and Insignia Yellow 154 (top) heavily weathered
  • Top of Tank Caps = Insignia Yellow 154 heavily weathered
  • Piano Keys = Dark red (1:1 ratio of Red 60 + Wine 73)
  • Middle of Rocket Base Stripe = Dark red/brown (1:1 ratio of Red 60 + Wine 73 and then I added 243 grey/black until I liked the shade)
  • Bottom indentations on Thrusters = Used same dark red/brown

Key Questions:
  1. What is the red used on the piano keys and the stripe in the middle of the rocket base? ***Updated above
  2. What is the reddish/brown used on the bottom of the thrusters? ***Updated above
  3. What colors should be used for the horizontal stripe marks on the bottom right? The same reddish/brown color and black? ***I used the 243 which was one shade off of regular black and the dark red/brown mix described above.
  4. What is the yellow on the top of the collar and the top of the tank caps? Insignia Yellow 154? And do you paint the bottom of the tank too? I see some have. ***I used 154 and then heavily weathered it with Black (top and bottom).
  5. I notice in ESB reference pics that right thruster is angled differently, but I don’t see anyone actually build it that way. What’s the story? ***I ended up connecting them so I could change the angle if desired.

Thanks for any help!
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here's my stab

  1. Back plate silver, three wires are red and white.
  2. I did not paint my switches or darts.
  3. Red and silver for the dental files
  4. I did a quick black wash on the darts-no wash on the switches
  5. Mine is black.
Jet Pack

  1. I used red 60/73 mix, light coat
  2. same as above
  3. Same as above and black
  4. Bottom and top of tank with 154
  5. They are free to move around so they can sometimes end up at a weird angle.
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Active Hunter
1. silver for the flamethrower assembly pieces, minus the obvious black and red parts, white and red for the wires. i used to think the keys were white but there are definitive reference photos that i think tell otherwise.

2. correct! 2,3 and 4 can all be confirmed by the image below...

3. red and silver (dental files #35 and #45)
4. none as it isn't visible in reference photos.
5. darkish red, almost marion. like the red used on the mythosaur skull. i use a tuscan red.

ps. the black on the whipcord housing is definitely a gloss finish, not matte like the black 33. you can see a reflection of light towards the middle of the piece that would not be there with a matte finish...

also there is a small copper/bronze insert at the front of the whipcord housing that in some shots almost looks like a light inside the housing.

1. darkish red, weathered differently, heavier with the stripe at the base of the rocket.
2. darkish red, weathered
3. darkish red and PRR brunswick green (same as the upside down L details on the inside of the piano keys and the black crosses on the thrusters), weathered. PRR is literally one step up from black but was recommended by someone i would consider to be in the know regarding actual colors used.
4. yellow 99 or zinc chromate heavily weathered, same as the bottom tank caps and the yellow on the top of the JP collar.
5. many ESB parts are in different places throughout the reference photos, collar studs, side thrusters, KNEES lol there are plenty of ways to set up the thrusters so they can be rotated easily to either match reference photos or practicality.

hope this helps!!

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