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OK, here is what I have put together through trial and error! For those who do not want to use an airbrush and/or mix paints, and would rather use "out-ot-the-spraycan" colors; Al la Rouge Studios, here is my "Official" list

I went with a layered and topical approach, so after priming, the entire helmet was sprayed Silver first, and metallic silver spray will work, I used Krylon.

Dome/Cheeks: Testors Model Master - SAC Bomber Green, FS34159

Upper cheeks: Tamiya Olive Drab, TS-5 (misted with black for a dirtier, deeper color)

Mandibles: Tamiya Dull Red, TS-33 (Floquil sprays also have "Boxcar red" S-130074 if you prefer that)

Left ear: Tamiya Olive drab 2

Right ear: Krylon gold (and silver in parts)

Backof helmet: Floquil Railroad colors - Dark Green, 130040

Kill stripes: Light color - Rustoleum painters touch Sun yellow, 1945; dark color - Krylon bright yellow/John Deere yellow 1804

Of course this list does not figure in the "detail" colors, such as the grey, marroon and yellow "chipping" colors. For those a used testors flat enamels and hand mixed the shade I wanted. However this should be a good starting point for the base colors. I will add pics to this post to show my results very soon. Hope this helps some folks out!

I'd love to see the pics,

I want to see the difference between:
- SAC Bomber Green, FS34159
- Rust-oleum Sage Green 1933
- Pazer Olive Green

Hope you're doing another tutorial.....I'm about to paint my helmet and they are great to have as a reference.
Ask and ye shall recieve!

Here is my bucket. 95% done (after re-painting the back three times!)

Most of it was done layered and topical, while the back was done all topical. There are still fine scratching and a black-wash to be done in various places, but I'm happy with the results. I don't know the rustoleum sage, but SAC bomber is pretty close to Panzer Olive as far a I can tell. Without further ado, here are the pics (Keep in mind this is under incandescant lighting, at different times of day)








Thanks for the pics, Looks really, really good! How does it feel to have it almost all done. I'm going to see what colors I can get tonight, I'm leaning towards using the Rust-oleum Sage Green 1933 since I just bought 2 cans from Kibosh and paid to have it shipped from the Detroit a couple weeks ago.
Pretty good J! Thanks! Funny, I've been "almsot done" for two months! I just wasn't happy with the back section until I just redid the color over the weekend. Still more work, but just in finishing details! Now I can get to work on my servo set-up! Yay!

I hear you KB! I have used an airbruch before, and it's not much different from using cans in the technique (mostly) just that its nuch bigger a process to set up and clean, etc. I'm pretty happy with the results. Of course in person it looks so much better than these photos. I'm pretty confident in the color list as far as accuracy goes. The only possible difference would be using the boxcar red spray instead of the tamiya dull red. The tamiya is a bit warmer than the floquil, which leans more to the marroon value.

I don't actually have the Box Car Red but I find it looks like your standard run of the mill "redoxide" primer color (pretty much brown)......I think it should be a little more Maroonish than brown? What do you guys think?

Great looking helmet Shinobi Fett! (y)

That is really cool that you were able to find good colors in the can!

Man! I can't wait until my helmet kit gets here so I can get started!
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Thank you for the kind words! I aim to help!

As I said, while not afraid to do it, I'd rather not fuss with the airbrush. Maybe if enough people agree that this is a definatetive readymade color list we can sticky it. I'd like Brak's and Rogue Studio's input, as well as anyone else that wishes to offer advise.

I think the brown primer-ish color is too brown. You're shooting for more of a ruudy marroon. For ESB that is. Maybe somone can put together a ROTJ addendum to this. It's mostly the same though... just the weathering colors vary, some of these could go for the different colors. Like the killmarks would only be the orangey yellow, without the lighter sshade, etc.

Yeah, the red is a little orangey for my taste. As I said, Floquil spray cans make the "official" boxcar red, I just have not tried that. I'm going to try a black wash to tone it down a bit and see if that helps. If I'm still not satisfied, I might repaint that section. (Heck, I painted the back 3 times!) More to come soon!


Finished the painting and black-washing/weathering. Next step is the servo in the ear. I will post some pics very soon of final paint results.

Although that red is a little bright, I think it looks better than the box car red, which is too dull and brownish. Maybe a mix of the two?
Hey thanks!

Yes, the red is too bright as is, but I'm working on blackwahing it down a bit to dull it. When I have the pic of that ready I will post. besides that, I'm happy with the rest of the colors!

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