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Hmm...I'm just curious as to what you guys think about this...

Looking at some of the pictures I have here it almost looks like the ESB gauntlets are the same color as the dome of the helmet. Any thoughts?

I've thought that on occassion but I don't think they're the same. In the past I've generally gone with a slightly darker color on the gauntlets.

I just recieved my gauntlets and was wondering the same thing.

These pictures are hardly conclusive, but the lighting is the same on the helmet as the gauntlet (ie. right gauntlet compared to right side of helmet) .



They seem really close.

So, could the lighter/darker debate come down to lighting conditions and/or the perception of color in relation to other colors?

I mulled over this for months with pics over pics,and came to no conclusive findings.The ESB had so many variances in lighting with regards to Fett that it is impossible to be sure of anything.Different parts of the costume appear to have different hues of the same green while lighting is always affecting this.I DO however feel that the pics posted are the BEST for interpretation of the costume simply because there is clearly a frontal light source (shadow on wall behind him) which will give what most want in terms of an accurate medium for interpreting the colors.Ultimately,go with your gut instict as it will be what will make you happy.Besides it's only paint,and it can be changed ;)

thanks for the comparison pics guys. they sure look pretty darn close to me. I might try it and see what happens when I finally get to the point of painting them..hopefully this weekend!

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