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  1. RedBeard

    RedBeard Jr Member

    I'm at my wits end. I'm down to only needing gauntlets, and I'm having two problems. 1) I find a set of gauntlets, and they're vac formed and a great deal of the detail is lost, or 2) I find a set that's resin or printed, and they look great, but they're too small at the rear opening. My forearm measures 120mmx110mm near the elbow. I can't seem to find anyone in the community to model them (I can print them). I'd model them myself, but my skills are barely out of the 'noob' stage and nowhere near 'hold my beer' stage. Any suggestions? I need to get this costume finished...its wearing me out lol.
  2. clmayfield

    clmayfield Member

    I bought RKD resin gaunts as I believe they are the largest. I recently bought some MOW gaunts because I like the design better. They don't fit at all. I am considering contacting Major to have some vac formed lowers that might match. That is the key to get the size I need.
  3. Builder

    Builder Member

    I've been thinking about your question for a while and just off the top of my head here's what I would try to do to make the
    back of the gauntlet opening larger.Our gauntlets were MOW so very sturdy and easy to work on.
    First fit the top and bottom halves as you normally would. When the seams are straight and perfect the rest of the work is
    just on the bottom half.
    Get some sheet styrene the same or a little thicker than the wall of the gauntlet and pattern and cut a wedge (triangle) the
    length of the gauntlet seam,narrow or pointed at the wrist and expanding the triangle as needed to be taller at the rear edge of the gauntlet.
    You do two exactly the same, one for inside and one for the outside bottom half seams.
    Epoxy them along each seam and reinforce them with fiberglass cloth or tape and resin on the inside. I've done this sort of thing
    with a small wedge like this it will be strong.
    Sand this new edge to fit the top half seams. On the outside fill and sand as necessary to loose the repair.
    This will expand the vertical size of the rear opening to whatever you need. Can also enlarge the wrist opening as well,if you want to.
    Most big box or auto stores will have small fiberglass kits. Hobby stores or on line for thick styrene sheets.
    You probably know this get good matched seams tape sandpaper on a very flat surface and move the gauntlet halves over it
    test fitting as you go.
    This is just one way to go. Hope it helps you moving forward.
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  4. RedBeard

    RedBeard Jr Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. I've never worked with styrene or fiberglass, but I guess now's a good time as any to learn.
  5. Builder

    Builder Member

    As an afterthought ...the side seams on our MOW gauntlets come together on a pretty vertical side plane,which is good for matching top to bottom halves.
    When adding material it's good to check the width of the top half in relation to the new material and adjust as you go as necessary..Using material a little thicker than the
    side walls leaves room for finish sanding the outside or inside of the seam. We hold ours together with magnets which can help aline and add strength inside the seams.
    Some pictures on our sight. Not the only way, but worked well for us...It's fun work huh!
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  6. KenChan

    KenChan Member

    Check out Wasted Fetts ESB Gauntlets. They're the truest I've seen yet to the original size and detail of the real thing to date. The original ESB shells are Vacuformed and have much softer details than their ROTJ counterparts
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  7. Darth Voorhees

    Darth Voorhees Well-Known Member

    I intentionally sculpted the bottom halves of my gauntlets to fit larger arms and then be able to be trimmed down for smaller ones. Mine are fiberglass, just throwing that out there.
  8. clmayfield

    clmayfield Member

    Are you sure about that? The edges of the right gaunt look pretty soft, but the edges on the left gaunt appear pretty hard, especially the black indentations under the dental expander, which was the main reason I bought an MOW set. But the paint job could be making my eyes play tricks on me.
  9. rnbuda

    rnbuda Active Member

    ESB/ROTJ gauntlets were all vacuumed formed so some areas depending on pulls might be softer/sharper than others. Nature of the beast and the plastic being used.

    Wasted's are the most accurate to size and shape of the deal real. Not criticizing MOW here and I obviously am partial to Wasted but when comparing them to the real deal there are inaccuracies that are missing from MOW that aren't missing in Wasted's.
  10. Funkyred

    Funkyred Member

    Bobamakers gauntlets are bigger fitting , I bought a pair originally but they were to big for my forearm
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  11. RedBeard

    RedBeard Jr Member

    Thanks for your input. I'll message Wasted and Bobamaker.
  12. SUTT4869

    SUTT4869 New Member

    I have personally owned bobamaker gauntlets and they are def on the bigger side. I have average size forearms so unfortunately I had to sell them. They just gave me the Popeye look which I was disappointed with.. nevertheless his work is really good.
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