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Here are a couple teaser photos of my gauntlets I just finished sculpting. Still working on the bottoms, but I had to share this for now. Pictured on the right gauntlet one of Boba Phett and Fettcicle's amazing resin rockets.
Also I built the hose connector from sintra for now, wanted something I could plug my hose into. I'll post more photos soon, so keep tuned ;) I gotta go, I'm in the process of dying from fibreglass, paint, and bondo fumes :(


WoW :eek: ... Good work man, keep it up cant wait to see wait to see the finished product.
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Niiiice! Can't wait to see them finished. I wear an ESB set but it seems to be extremly rare! It's good to see someone not only with a set but actually making their own.
freakin A my friend. I'm very impressed. Looks like we'll have a new source for accurate gauntlets. Tell em how old you are... come on, tell em... ;)
Thanks guys :) I'll post some photos of the process soon, but essentially I did this (I'm not a master sculptor so forgive my lack of detail in my instructions :p):

With a TON of photos from the reference CD pinned up on my workshop wall (a la A Beautiful Mind), I started with the rough dimensions of the main features, on the left one using the rocket as a scale.

Using some sculpting tools I cleaned it up and got it looking pretty close to a gauntlet. After smoothing out as much as possible (not easy to do with plasticine), I vacuformed over my sculpt in really thin styrene. I filled that styrene pull with Hydrocal. Now that I have a nice hard version, I can smooth it out using sandpaper, a dremel, files, exacto knife, etc.

After a few weeks of this, I finally go to the point where I was happy with them. I pulled the left one in .06 to capture as much detail (I'll get some done in FG later as per the originals), and the right one in .08. I made the side piece of the right gauntlet using sintra and a pen, and vacuformed over that. I made the gauntlet connector from sintra, making sure the end was wide enough to fit my hose. Once it was all smoothed up, I filled it with fibreglass resin and covered my hose with vaseline (mind OUT of the gutter!). I stuck the hose in the connector and let it dry, when I popped it out I had a solid connector, with a little resin rod formed on the inside that lets me plug the hose in securely :)

Hope that helps give an idea for anyone else who wants to start making their own parts!
Thanks guys :)
No luck finding aluminum around me, so I just used some wooden dowels to replace my old flamethrower. It's not perfect, but it will do till I get a machined one. And you can see why I REALLY needed to upgrade it before C3! Still need to paint it and do a little minor work, but here it is:


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