ESB gauntlets,.... let's make 'em accurate

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These should be sweet,since the jet pack is phoenomenal!!

Thanx for the kind words Steve:] I am real happy with the way my ESB pack has turned out. It is NOT as heavy as I had mentioned earlier but it is much steardier than most, Richie has re-enforced the interior with a wood frame and combined with the fiberglass it is very comfortable and has a beautiful shape.
Hey Steve,
Even funnier, is that I based my model off of the estimation that the center rods (spines if you will) are 1/4" in diameter just like you thought.
If you have any more info on the brackets, I'd love to add them to my model and pump out some more images (with dimensions too for those who want to construct some that look like this)

I think the alignment of the spines,and overall shape give a perfect representation of it personally.There looks to be the right amount of room for the larger peices to be slid down onto the spines that will reveal the final shape.

As for mounting holes,as long as those who got one of the brackets had a drill press they could punch in the holes to correspond to their individual gauntlets since their are sooo many different ones that have been made over the years.I for one would rather have it with the holes made for only the spines just to be safe.

How about cross-drilled holes to tighten a set screw against the spine rods on the mounting side of the bracket? And you can put in your own holes for mounting to the gauntlet. If the only holes you want are through the bracket for the spines that is no problem :D.
Her are some pics for the Rods I'm designing. I included the bracket, calc pad and glove for scale. The thinnest section of rod is 1/4" the thickest is 3/4" most are around 5/16" to 1/2". The tip of the longest rod to the top of the bracket is 5.5" long. I am working on the three cylinders behind the bracket and am figuring 1.5" for those and another 1" for the endcap. In total the overall length will be 8.5625" or 8 9/16". I'll update the pics when I get the back cylinders drawn up.There appears to be some conflicting things in the various pics so I tried to homogenize what I thought the discrepncies were into this design (they could be just shadows and what not).Suggestions how about porportions etc.? -Mark
Here is the same drawing as above with the middle rods endcaps and some extra detail. Obviously the extra detail is made up but I tried my best to replicate what you can see in the pics. Total length is 8 9/16".What do you think? I need some feedback. -Mark
Mark,I think you've gotten what NO ONE else has ever acheived with regards to the ESB flame thrower assembly!!!! I've seen alot of ESB Fetts in 2 years,and NONE have gotten this important detail done well enough to my standards.While I've been doing yardwork by daylight,you've done the hard work for us all :) The last thing is the rear bracket.In the pics I have it looks like it might be 1 1/2" angle aluminum,but then the top section has what appears to be a 45degree angle on it.I know that might sound like greek,.....maybe I'll have to email you what I mean by outlining in on a pic in red.

Just thought of it as a block with some nobs on top similar to the collar ones. It looks like there are 4 slots near the top of the block and 1 large keyhole directly in the back. Send or post pics. How about my interpretation of the rods with the different grooves? And can you compare the length of the setup to a set of gauntlets. Remember to leave room for the three wires out the back. -Mark
Mark,did you get my email yet? That pic I sent you was huge,but gives great detail,especially of the left gauntlet at the rear most part of it.

Pm'd ya at the RPF site. I got the photo and that is one I've been working off of. All tolled there is only 4 pics of any use for this. Most are at the beginning of this thread too. If there were two black brackets the cylinders behind the silver stepped bracket would have to be shortened and that contradicts the other pics. As well The silver/white buttons/caps that are similar to the collar studs are elongated and go almost the length of the endcap. If there were another black bracket they would be bridging the endcap and bracket. That and there appears to be a white stripe on both sides of the endcap in the pic that we are discussing, what's up with that? Let me try to highlight and make some diagrams as well using the other pics in conjunction with yours. -Mark
I think I figured it out DL44. What you are seeing is a protrusion from the side of the endcap and not a seperate bracket. The angled section you highlighted in the pic is a shadow created by the protrusion. It's kind of a tab sticking out from the side. More than likely used to help mount it to the gauntlet. You can barely make it out in the B&W production stills from the same day of shooting on the Star Destroyer bridge. I'll try and update my drawing to reflect what I'm talking about. I've tried highlighting it in Photoshop but it is so small and blurry it's hard to make out.-Mark
Hey guys...this stuff really looks great! Looking at the drawings I noticed that the very tip portion looks like something I have found while building mine, it's clear and has a small pointed cone in the center...very cool and flame thrower like. I have 'bout a dozen of these little things...I will bring them alone with me to SWCII and any one who wants them can take one. I will be heading over to DCB house tonight I will see if he will post a pick of it for me...I don't have my own stuff to do this with so bare with me when it comes to posting pics:]
WOW!I have been kinda ignoring this thread (with it being ESB and all.. ;)) but I've gotta say that y'all are making some VERY cool progress here! Heck, I might even be up for a set of ESb gauntlets at this rate... not that I would WEAR them or anything but they would be ultra cool to display!
Brak's Buddy wrote:WOW!I have been kinda ignoring this thread (with it being ESB and all.. ;)) but I've gotta say that y'all are making some VERY cool progress here! Heck, I might even be up for a set of ESb gauntlets at this rate... not that I would WEAR them or anything but they would be ultra cool to display!

That's why I'm gathering enough parts to make 2 Fetts :) I'm doing a ROTJ version now, but I just know that I'll get hit with the ESB bug down the road.
Watch out Braks, know how addictive this hobby can be.Before you know it you'll be knee deep in plastic,aluminum,and fiberglass :lol:

Nice to see all the hard work you guys are doing.
i to am planing to make a ESB version (THE BEST)

and with all the info and mock-ups,it makes it easier for every one.

i really like the pic that shows the rear of the left Gauntlet.. but i feel a couple of the wires are of a FLAT type.. like ones used on phone lines! just me but what do you all think..

"ESB gauntlets,.... let's make 'em accurate"

"Ribbon wire" is what I too think that was used,especially for the red.Have to do some more deliberations before any final decisions are made. :)

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