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Ok I know what you might think, that Iam insane, BUT, hey Iama pyro. I would like to know if anyone has any knowledge of making the flamethrower work. I found on ebay a guy made his work, and he sells the plans, only the plans, no parts or nothing, but I think I got some figured out. The basic fuel would NOT be gasoline or anything EXPLOSIVE, that would just be suicidal, but instead, why not use Tiki Torch fluid? it burns, it sprays, it works. Now I just need some help with a release mechanism and a starter, like a lighter or something, if anyone knows anything, please post, if you think iam insane and going to blow myself up, post too, Iam open to all comments and suggestions, and before you get to thinkin anything else, Ive had 10 years of experiance with fire and explosives. Safety first, expecially if any of you try this, remember OUTDOOR ONLY and play it safe, buy a fire extinguisher first.
I HIGHLY recommend not pursuing this. The topic and the eBay person you mentioned have been brought up here before and the general concensous frowns on it. Number one, it is not safe regardless of your experience. I was a firefighter for six years and wouldn't even consider doing this. Number two, most gauntlets are plastic or fiberglass in construction and not designed for this. Number three, cotton gloves and jumpsuits are not fire-retardant. And number four, convention promoters could ban anyone wearing this costume from entering their facilities if they thought there was a risk of this. While it may seem cool, it could jeopardize everyone at this forum from ever being able to wear their costume inside of a con again. I, for one, would not appreciate that.

Leave the pyrotechnics for the big screen. This is a costume, not a real set of battle armor.
Photoshop a picture and leave it at that, dont try to flame up your wrists with real flames, it just desont look very safe when your covered from head to toe in very flammable equipment.
Dude.. its cool and all but even in Episode 2 with the proffesionals at hand it was all fake.. alot of those scenes jango was a computer generatioin.. they call them digital doubles.. But hey if you wanna build something like that.. I bet some sort of air driven device would be cool.. I mean what if you took something like a fire extinquisher that was hidden in the jet pack.. like what they did with r2d2.. not for cons though.. maybe get one of those spiderman silly string web shooters... for cons....
I know this and I know the risks, and I have made preperations for my arms to be flame retardant as well, it will only be used once for a movie, and will not be the ones i wear to Dragon Con 05, I know the risks, I the the danger, but the idea of it actually functioning is just something I have to go for, its the same as our obsessions with perfecting our suits.. we want them to look there best most accurate detailing we could possibly do.... I cant make anything like the whip work.. or the laser pistol , we dont have that technology, but the flamethrower... well heck my friend made one out of a freakin vaccuum cleaner. Tiki fluid is very stable and non explosive, although I will not be having the mood of "iam invincable" Precautions will always be on hand and I will be having one camera man and one "just in case" man, like stunts with fire, things can go wrong. Fire extinguishers, water, and location will be handy in case something catastrophic should go wrong. Iam not some dumb kid playin with fire or anything here lol, Ive been burned before in stunts, wich is all this really is. Recasting my gauntlets in aluminum prevents them from melting, my arms will have sleeves of an asbestos like material along with my gloves, yes... this is costing me a fortune, but id rather be poor then lose the use of my arms or something. I will be wearing a burn suit underneath it all, in case it spreads to an area non protected, the boba replication will be the only thing that burns, not me. Id rather lose it all then my own flesh. The only thing that would be catatstrophic is for it to back burn through the small hose and onto my back, and Iam taking precautions for this as well. Unless were not supposed to keep this posting going, please post some more, as it is, everyone who has seen my boba ask if it works.. saying no.. its a dummy.... just feels dumb to me... its like adding flashing lights to your chest helm or anything like that... more detail to make you seem more beliveable as the Boba or Jango they have seen and belive. Kissker signin off. **remember to play it self people, fire is VERY dangerous, even in small amounts** also, my "stunt" is in a region at a fire station, you know, where they practice burns on cars and things, so if all else there are trained professionals that can put me out. I have already talked to them about it and there glad I have chosen to go with them over my backyard.

and yes.. this posting will stop now, the risks of losing conventional rights didnt come to me, and that would be abhorrid for everyone. This will simply be my own project at my own risks. Thank you for your posts however, they have helped me look deeper into the whole situation... as for anyone else reading this, I change my mind, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.
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sounds like you're doing all your homeword,but I've got to agree with cal on this would be easy to do in post production with effects....and might even look better as you can control what happens ...good luck and be safe with whatever you choose :)
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