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Agreed with spicy fett and Krewkid82 ! When individuals take the time to not only research the holy heck outta something but to also make out “how to’s” for people to follow. It does indeed become a valuable resource.

Ord Mantell is definitely on a different playing field when it comes to all things Boba Fett. He’s highly respected, offers great advice, inspires the hearts and minds of many who have dreamed of becoming Fett, and is an all around great guy! It’s almost certainly amateur hour with me and my ROTJ build. But many on here have seen mine WIP and I’m just guessing here, but I’m willing to bet many on TDH have PM’d Ord Mantell to thank him for sharing his work!

It’s just very humbling to hear that from other members (and I certainly have received such PM’s) a few have even told me that because of how detailed I was on some things that they felt I was one of the reasons they gained entrance into the 501st. A pretty cool feeling indeed!