Dengar ESB Dengar build


New Hunter
Hey guys,
As I am wrapping up my ESB Fett right now I have started looking into my next project.
I have always thought Dengar was a tough looking character and would be an interesting challenge to put together his ESB suit.
I am needing to put this one together as cheaply as possible (insert = I am now Fett-Poor :) ) so I am going to try and scratch build most of it myself.
This will be a long process, but should be a heap of fun. I love these types of projects because everywhere I go I'll be looking for cheap/free parts for the backpack, rifle and pistol.
I have done a heap of free electrical work for a local 501st mate that is going to trade me a free set of new Stormtrooper armour, and I have a line on a cheap used Snowie chestplate too.
I am going to get my daughter to help me create my own flightsuit, head wraps and boots to save money. Definitely out of my comfort zone on this one, but I've got more time than money so I'm looking to have a go.
And lastly I am going to create my own prosthetics for my face to better match myself to the proper look of Dengar. I cannot find anything off the shelf that suits but regardless, making my own prosthetics is something that has always interested me and now I have the excuse to have a try.
Here I go.......
Funny! I'm starting my ESB dengar now too for this same reason in this same way. Good to know someone else will be taking this journey as well! Hit me up if you find a good way to make the boots!

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