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My new ESB armour

Here's my first try at my new chest armour. Looks a little funny without the collar armour. Gotta play a little with the positoning, and just about to get the decal ready.

The vest and gloves are TK-409, the armour and gauntlets are JFJ;)

You'd have to see it in person or in a better photo to really tell, but after all the colours I've used on my armour I think this colour is perfect. The colour is Dunkelgrun RLM 82, I found it in the Model Master line. It was recommended to me by Jango's Kid, so total credit to him :) Thanks so much buddy!

I painted using the liquid mask technique, painting the Yellow Zinc Chromate on top to outline the scratches. Follow that up with some light airbrushing of black and greys, a little drybrushing, smooth it out with a scotchbrite pad, a black/grey wash mixed with windex (thanks SEEKER!), and a light Testor's dullcoat.

On the gauntlets, I did the same method, exept using a spraypaint called Alpine Green that looks pretty similar to Panzer Olivegrun, it will do until I get a change to repaint them. Also threw together some quick bottoms for them, they aren't perfect but they'll do ill after C3.

Sorry for always having so few photos, and being crappy ones at that, I'm waiting till I'm totally done and have access to a better a camera to take more photos ;)

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Thanks :)

Got the Testors "Dullcote" at my local hobby shop, right by the Testor's paints. Comes on a short spray can like this:

Wal-mart usually carries some Testors paints, but mine only had glossy.
Jango_Fett_Jr said:
Thanks :)

Got the Testors "Dullcote" at my local hobby shop, right by the Testor's paints. Comes on a short spray can like this:

Wal-mart usually carries some Testors paints, but mine only had glossy.

Outstanding,, i'll be done with mine by monday and was looking for something like that.
Now that is awesome, your about as thin as me. Are you haiving trouble getting your backplate/collar to look right becuase of the thinness?
Looks fantastic buddy!! Yeah, I've experemented with just about every greenish color in the Testors line, and Really have had good results with the Dunklegrun. I wouldn't go so far as to say its a 100% match, but it really looks good IMO. Glad that worked out for you;) Again, your suit is turning out terrific!!!
This is only one small example of JFJ's talents. After C3 he can post some pictures of his other amazing armor project....
Vacced some shoulders today and painted them, might not be perfect but after C3 I may redo them. And the skull is photoshopped on, I'll get on the decal soon!

:D that is so cool!!

I just dont know where you get these reference pics for making screen acc ESB weathering... i mean I have some detailed ones for the chest armor, aswell as incredible detailed ones for the helemt (thnx to braks buddy)

but good lord, Sometimes I feel so bad for having custom weathering on all if my armor, from jet pack to gauntlets.

only my knees and my helmet are screen acc... or close to it anyway... well I mean I tried :p

but whenever I see something liek this, my hands just start to itch and make me wanna redo it all!!! my armor sucks anyway (cheapo plexi-glas) I cant do vac forming or anything, so if i want to redo it, ill have to buy some..probably boba makers, looks great.

just you keep going man!!! looks to freaky cool!!!!!:cheers
Finished my MB collar, codpiece, and backplate, my scratchbuilt butt plate, and did the decals for the chest and shoulder.
Again, please excuse my awful camera. I am honestly not that pale!



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