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Hey all, I've been thinking about repainting my older MB armour now that I got one of VashD's new decales. I've been spending alot of time gazing at the on-line ref CD pics, and I was wondering about that black overspray that is clearly visible on the ROTJ armour, (you all know what I mean.) Anyway, Do you guys think that the ESB aromour should be painted the same way, (with the black overspray I mean.) Its hard to tell from the pics available, if ESB had this effect! I think I got the overall green color matched fairly well. I used the good old rustoleum satin green & misted dark grey over the top w/ an air brush. Wish I could show you guys a pic, but don't have a good camera, & I'm tryin to save up for a MLC bucket. :) Overall color looks fairly good, but I don't know if I should go w/ the black splattering mist for ESB? Also, there seems to really be alot of texture or almost "coroded" metal look associated w/ the black overspray, (check out pic 286 on the on-line ref,) Anybody know how to achieve this effect? Everytime I've tried it, I get either an even and flat finish, or super spattered, (like your car gets if you drive down a newly tarred highway :lol: .) Just can't seem to get that "slightly" raised & even splattered look. Any ideas of course, would be very greatly appreciated.
Unfortunately there are not many reference pictures for the ESB armor and from the available ones you can tell is not the same paint scheme used for ROTJ. It looks to me that the ESB armor is cleaner than the ROTJ armor.
I have a theory that the armor used in ESB and ROTJ were the same, but re-painted for the next movie. In ROTJ, seems that it's darker in color, but it's all because of the weathering, plus another thing is that the normal weather and the sun could make changes to the paint. In ESB, like Tyler said before, all pics were taken indoors in studios, and there's barely a few or strange pics of an ESB costume outdoors.
Tyler, if you read this, you're our only hope! ;)


I've been looking at the composition (meaning what part from what suit) of the suit parts for quite some time now. However, I want to re-examine the photos before I make any definite statements.

In general, the ROTJ suit is believed to be an amalgamation of the 2nd prepro suit (Mr. Funky Brown Gloves). There are also definite pieces of that 2nd prepro suit on the ROTJ SE suit.

It is also completely possible that the ROTJ armor is repainted ESB armor. The last time I checked I couldn't find any marks or features that positively identified either the AOSW or MOM armor as being a repainted ESB. However if the ESB armor was completely repainted, I wouldn't expect to find any of those marks anyway.
Hey, thanx for all the input guys, I really appreciate it! Yeah, as far as the weathering, I really can't see to many similarities between ROTJ & ESB other than basic color. THe bare metal and yellow scars seem to be in diff places, and as far as the Black overspray, I just really can't tell if ESB had that or not. I think I'm just gonna assume that ESB did have the Black overspray, & try to do it that way. Thanx again guys! :)
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