Emergancy Fett Boots


Ok, September 20th is vastly approaching. I ordered boots from CABoots. I don't believe that they will be here in time for me to complete my costume. What can I do to make some cheapo ones for one night and look deasent. I have a couple of old shoes with white souls and they are flat. Does anyone have any paterns for the fabric that would go over the shoe. Please help time is running out.
The OT DVD release is on the 21st. So we are doing a thing costumed at a Media Play. This will be my first public appearance as Mr. Fett. So if I don't get my CA boots in time, I need a back up.
If your present selection of shoes would need too much alterations, go to the thrift store and try to find a cheapo pair of boots that look close, there's some stylin 70's styles that I'm sure some old codger parted with ;) If they are leather, even better. Take some fabric of the correct color and piece it on in the correct pattern, all you have to do is flip it over to the other side and cut out a second piece for the second shoe then glue the pieces on. Get some "puffy" fabric paint in black and cover over the seams of the fabric with the fabric paint to create the black piping. If time gets too close, get some acrylic paint and just paint over the shoe the correct pattern and apply the piping with the puffy fabric paint. Just some options, this shouldn't take more then a few days if it works ... hopefully :D
Oh, I see now. I forgot about the DVD release. I got an email about my boots from caboot stating I wouldnt see them untill October 3. :(

Anyways, My friend had this same problem for the release of episode 2 He had 0 idea what to use for boots and here was his remedy

His Boba Fett boots started from a neoprene sock from the hunting section of Wal-Mart He first cut the sides out and sewed in elastic. Then He bought a cheap pair of shoes cut the top off and glued the sock directly into the soul with goop. Making sure it was in strait and all. When it dried he painted the shoes with flexible fabric paint for plastics found in the arts and craft section. Even did the two tones (all but the elastic part, he just left that black.

The fabric paint made them pretty rigid because He had to paint them thick to cover over the black and the pattern sort of looked like canvas. He finally added the lines with black silicon in the little tube found in the plumbing section.

Then He found a metal ruler and cut and bent it for the front part. Then he shapened dowels and cut them at a slant and glued them on each side, and weathered it up a bit.

Total cost was around $20

Socks $8
Shoes $2
Paint $2
Brushes? $1
Silicon $2
Goop $2
Elastic $1
Ruler & Dowel $2

Cant tell there socks at all and i think they look pretty good. OF course Caboots looks 100% better but this will do fine. I think It took him a few days to build them.
Go to payless.com. Visit this link... http://www.payless.com/Catalog/ProductDetail.aspx?TLC=Mens&Size=12&SLC=MensDressAndCasual&BLC=MensDressAndCasualCasuals&ItemCode=20461&ProductColor=BLACK&Width=Regular&Type=Adult

Use leather paint, Use silicon gel like sock tutorial, weather per TK409s tutorial and aluminum strip and add boot spikes. $29.99 (plus a couple of supplies) and will take about 20 minutes. Accuracy depends on your weathering and artisitic ability. If you have a lot of other things to prepare for your suit, you don't want to spend 2 hours making shoes from scratch. Good luck.
I bought a pair similar to those for my son only they were dark grey suede. You can maybe find them on sale somewhere. They also carry some in suede at Timberline stores.
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