New Hunter
Hi you amazing Books of Knowledge.
With Fans, Lights, Smoke machines if you wish too, voice speakers etc, Is there a good way to hide them, and how to set them. I'm asuming most hide them in the Jet pack. Does anyone have inset ideas for inside the Jet pack, a lay out if you will, or are there other ways. I cant get my head around how you make a door on the jetpack back (the wearer's back). A cut out yes, but how do you make it. Is it a hinge or something else? I ask before adding my shell parts over my EVA jet Pack. Many Thanms Adie UK


Some people hide things in their jetpack cause most molds have a back door into them for hiding a smoke machine for example. When it comes to voice boxes most put it it in their front pouches on their flight suit or belt etc.