Ego\'s Gauntlet Project - ESB Left AND NOW RIGHT!!!



Ego's Gauntlet Project - ESB Left AND NOW RIGHT!!!

Well, here's my take on the ESB gauntlets.

EDIT: 9:30 EST Jan 27,2003

So here's my right gaunt. I'm not quite as happy with it as I was with my left. Some of my black just looks a bit too streaky for my liking so . . may end up doing it again. GRRRR.

But, here it is submitted for your criticism. It's missing the gaunt darts which I will HOPEFULLY have in the next week or so. But, does have some nice LED's in the whipcord. And just for some added depth, the white on the "top" of the whipcord . . for those who care, is actually a piece of trimmed visor that came with my movie sized helmet. Seemed to be the right thickness for the job! :)

The pics are taken in my bathroom (was hoping different light might help the colour come thru--it didn't) . . . and I've tweaked them in photoshop to TRY and get the colour closer, but, some of the detail is lost now. Can't win'em all.

Let me know what you think!





I know for you accuracy sticklers, there should be a seam where the top and bottom "connect" on the flamethrower side but, I couldn't get it to look right so . . I took this approach, and I happen to like it better so . . :p

None of the pics (flash or without) really give a good shot of what the colour is really like, but, I think it's pretty dang close.

For those who care, the colour is Armor Coat Alpine Green.

Anyways . . . comments and criticism is very much welcome, show me no mercy! :)

(and yes, I know there's no wires coming from the flamethrower . . it's not permanently attached yet! :)

Thanks for looking guys! :)






That's awesome! What did you make the flamethrower out of?
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Thanks! :)

By the way, the first pic, is the one with the flash, and, the gauntlets REALLY aren't that shade of green. It's closer to the rest of the pics, but, still not quite.

The gauntlets of course are those kick ass ones that have been making the rounds. I just painted them . . hopefully did them justice! :)

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OHH YAAA! Thats turning out beautiful Ego! (y) I'm gonna have to get ahold of a set of those one of these days!
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Just great

the weathering are very cool ... :wacko
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Thank you all again for the kind words. I just wish I could take a picture where the colour really shows correctly. My apartment gives off a bit of an orange glow that really distorts pictures taken in here. Maybe I'll go outside after work or something if it's still light enough.

Will hopefully have pics of my right gaunt up later tonight (minus the switches and the gauntlet darts).

The revenge poster . . . cool story actually. About 8 years ago I decided I wanted to get one. So I did all my research, found out how to tell the bootlegs from the real, etc, and then started on my way. In my travels I get to talking with this one guy who's rather well known worldwide for being one of the most knowledgeable movie poster collectors in the world. We kind of become penpals I guess, and after talking to him for like 3 or 4 months he finally fires me back an email one day saying "Listen Jeremy, we've been friends now for a few months, I know you're a stand up guy and . . . to be honest, I lied to you. I *DO* have a Revenge poster and, well, I'm not really displaying it as properly as I should be, and, if you want it, I'll let you have it"


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Looking good!! I can't wait to see the right gauntlet.

It is the incandescent (SP?) light bulbs that give the orange glow that throws things off. You can get special filter lens for 35 mm cameras that can get rid of the orange look, I don't know if that can be be done with certain digital cameras or not.
I LOVE the Revenge poster too BTW!!!! :)

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Looking darn good Jer!! :D (y)

Good story on that Revenge poster too!

(who still remembers not picking up that Revenge of the Jedi t-shirt all those years ago...)
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They look great Jer! I don't know if you have this book,but the one that comes with the Masterpeice Edition Aurra Sing has a few nice clear shots of the ESB Fett.

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No, that book never made it up to Canada . . I wanted it though.

Don't suppose you have any scans of the pics do you?

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Looks great man! Which gauntlet is closer to the true green color? The top pic looks much lighter than the finished ones. Or did you layer several greens?

Looking great, if you can find a way to post a truer pic of the green I'd love to see it, I'll be doing my gauntlets soon too ;)

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Unfortunately I don't have a scanner :( Hell I'm still running Windows 95 :lol: All the pics that are in the book are production stills,but are larger,and clearer than some that I've seen.

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Almost forgot Phil,

I tried to get the colour on the new pics of my right tweaked to closer to what they look like really . . but, still seems like there's some blue in there or something that really doesn't seem to show at all in real life.

Will probably have to wait until the weekend to get some pics outdoors since I'm up for work before the sun comes up, and don't get home til it's set. GRRR

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Ego man those are some great gauntlets. I hope mine are that good. What the heck kinda job are you workin man like 15 hour shifts? Or do you just have like 6 hours of sunlight?
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