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Jango Wes

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Does anyone have decals for the earpieces? I checked the other threads that mentioned them, but the the links were bad and the pics didn't show up.

hi Wes

i may be able to help you as im nearly finished my helmet and thats what i need also to complete my helmet

I have a decal contact near me and if you have any pics/image files email them over to me ill get some made




If they're is an interest of five or more people I could do another pre-paid run.


$7.50 a set. Includes shipping in the USA.
As I know so far, VashDStampede is working on these ear decals (the inverted "U"'s for both sides), but that's a matter of time, cause probably he's working on the Jet Pack decals first, to then to work on the helmet ones afterwards.

We have no updates as of now about these from him, cause I was helping him out a while ago, and that's the last he said about it. Let's see in the near future what happens, or you could PM him for details.


BobaFettish wrote:

tk0000, do you have the black & white arches, too, or just the accent decals (the E's, hashmarks, & arrow)?

I didn't do the arches because of all the differnt size helmets out there.
Would these help anyone? They will print out actual size. I tried them on my Deluxe helmet and they fit great. I just need to find some gloss, adhesive paper to print them on. The shape on the white curve is to compensate for the ridge of the ear piece. When you stick it on, it lines up straight.
Let me know if this doesn't work and I can fix it.

cool !!!

I printed mine out on computer paper that has a sticky side. then stuck them to my helm, then sprayed them with two coats of triple thick crystal clear enamel.

Your helmet has serious weathering on it, its looks pretty bad ass.
i thought there were no decals on ROTJ. (cept that one scene where an ESB helm was supposedly used.)
That's the ESB helmet , but it was used for a few shots in ROTJ SE when they added new footage. believe that there was an ESB helmet in ROTJ in a shot o two, but may have been an ESB stunt helmet. there's a thread on the topic.
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