Durge DURGE, recent images (2009)

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Thomas, you bringing Durge back to DCon this year?

Have centuries olde grudge, will travel.


Photo by Ralph Krawczyk Jr.
(I think I did **** well taking photos in such armour. My MCCC 2009 gallery to come.)

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Wow, this is absolutely amazing!! I saw your picture on the 501st site, and thought it cool. Now seeing the whole thing just blows me away! I love your costume choices; you go all out. You are truly talented, and an inspiration.


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:jaw drops: I can't even begin to imagine how much work went into this. That's just amazing. I'm really new to SW costuming, and every time I see something like this it's overwhelming to think of how much there is in the way of possibilities. I can't say enough how amazing that is.
I've seen much of your armor my friend. Truly amazing, never really thought to see someone do the armor of durge but great job. I really hope to see you sometime at the Phoenix Cactus Comi-Con in AZ. It would be good to see you in that armor. Maybe Durge will have some fun taking out the clones, mandos, and jedi that show up LOL!

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no rest

Well thank you kindly TDH!

Here's a pair of images suited up from Wizard World Chicago 2009

I arrived late to the convention on account of an accident that sent me to the ER. (I accidentally smacked my elbow into a door frame while I was cleaning my ear with a Q-tip. The Q-tip emerged bloody. Bad news there. But no permanent damage and I caught the end of the show.


Even got some love from Rav Bralor. You know DURGE loves the ladies. (Mandalorian ladies even more.)

I have high hopes to retool and upgrade this suit for SW: Celebration V. Along with four other costumes. We'll see.

Thank you again.

Be well,

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DURGE, at Dragon*Con (2009)

Good evening,

A few new images to share from this project;

I received these from Dragon*Con by the very friendly and professional Bryan Humphrey a couple of weeks ago. This was my first opportunity to post the images;

Click on any thumbnail image to enlarge;

I sleep soon, but tomorrow it is back to work. But it is never really work when the subject is one you are passionate for.

Be well,
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