DP Deluxe recast REPAINT process. (pic intense)


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WOW, a long time I haven’t posted here, but I’ve being busy with some things FETT related, and also some ROBOCOP and GHOSTBUSTERS related as well. ;)

Anyway, I want to share my progress of my DON POST (or “DP” for short) Boba Fett DELUXE recast helmet. I’ve decided to repaint this helmet after all these years, since I have another helmet (Marrow Sun v2 and painted and assembled by SpideyFett), in order to sell it since the economy and things are not going that good recently.

One of the things I wasn’t happy about it is the paintjob it had back in the day, which I’ve repainted to reflect a half ESB/half ROTJ then, but the idea changed with time since mostly everyone preferred and loved the ESB helmet look in the Special Editions. I did repainted this helmet, while not 100% accurate since the grooves and cracks on the fiberglass from the original are there, I had to go with those painted instead of the MS2/SpideyFett I have, but at least as close as possible. I did quite a nice paintjob (my second one in years), for what it was before.

Either way, here are a few shots of the helmet process,

This is what my helmet used to look like when I first started (I’ve upgraded helmet, gauntlets, armor, vest, and blaster since then),


And here’s how I started the painting,





The DP is on the LEFT







All the pictures related to this, are in my online pictures folder here:

Boba DP-DLX Helmet repaint