Dowels in Jet Pack Rocket parts?


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Dowels in Jetpack Rocket parts?

I browsed upon the Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy Fett tutorial for the jet pack and he suggests using dowels during the construction of the rocket.

Do any of you use this? Would this be absolutely necessary for strength? I'm concerned about my rocket breaking off if someone were to bump into it or have their costume snag it at a Convention or something.
Is there a such thing as metal dowels? If so, how would that work? How thick were your dowels you used?
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I used aluminum rod on the left prepro gauntlet. I guess that's like a dowel. I found it in my dad's garage, so I don't know where you get that.

They have acrylic dowels, but those can break more easily than the wooden ones. I used acrylic at first and it snapped. The wooden one I have not had any problems with, even though people have yanked on it. They have wooden ones at hardware stores. I think I used 1/2", but I'm not sure. You could probably use up to an inch and it would be good.
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I don't know about metal dowel rods, but I do know about threaded metal rods. They sell them at Home DePot. For mine I drilled holes through all of my rocket pieces (except for the top cone of course) I glued each piece to the next working from the top, down. I cut slits and glued in two metal brackets in the pvc center tank, and bolted the rod to those. I even went so far as to epoxy in the bolts so there's no chance of it coming loose. In hind sight I would have glued the bolts to the brackets, and not the rod AND the brackets. This way the rocket top could be unscrewed for easy transport.
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Home Depot has metal rods which should be right next to the threaded rods. They have all different sizes.
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Its funny, but it seems like we can never make enough trips to Home Depot. There's always something else that needs to be picked up there.

Thats just a part of life with prop building, I guess. :p
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what even funnier is that i am an assistant store manager at home depot and i am still making additional trips there.
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