Don Post 2002 jango helmet into a boba


i have a don post 2002 jango hemet. i am planning on makeing a boba fett costume. would i be better off trying to get a boba fett helmet to upgrade? or do you guys thing using the jango one would be okay? is it alot smaller? is the dent the only thing that is differant in the helmets?


No, the Jango has some differences in the earpieces as well. I would use a DP Fett. The Jango one also dont have the circular Cheek greblie.

okay. i will look into getting a diff helmet. is the '96 dp the best one to use(for the money)? i know its smaller but i thaught i read it was the a good helmet
Definetly get the Don post, but try to stay away from the 97 and the rubies version.

BTW-Just FYI, your title is incorrect it should be:"Rubies 2002 jango helmet into a boba". Don post hasnt made star wars masks/helmets since 1999. They also never made a jango helmet.
If you're tryin to get a good inexpensive DP helmet, look on Ebay for a '95 DP Boba Fett the closest one to accuracy (not exactly), but is better than the newer editions.

In the other hand, is easier to convert a Boba helmet to a Jango helmet (I know you won't do a Jango!), just covering the dent. (i think there's a few more stuff you got to do to it)....but you get the idea.

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