Does the ESB cape have a stripe down both sides?

Eli Jinn

I see everyone putting stripes on both sides of their ESB capes. Now, it would probably look best to do it this way, but in a fit of skepticism, I for some reason want to find evidence of the double sided cape stripe. Finding such evidence is extremely difficult as most photos only ever show a small corner of the cape's underside. The best I have found are some orange-ish variation in this picture.

Does anyone else have any insight on this topic or do y'all think this one impossible to solve?
Yes. I believe it was. If they put the paint on with a roller instead of an airbrush it very well would've bled through to the other side. ConvergenceProp and I have dsicussed this at length inthe past and he did an experiment with a roller and confirmed that it bleeds through on the tent material. There are other pics that support the idea, but I am short on time to post them up atm.

Good eye.

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