Does the dome look a bit too short?


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I originally cut off about 1/2" on the bottom of the dome from the templates but now I'm wondering If I did that wrong. I thought it was a tab for attachment but I really don't know. So before I go ahead and cut off the dome to make it 1/2" taller maybe you guys can give me an opinion (please forgive the background):




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It does look short, but try to take a picture of it from a ways back and zoom in w/ the whole thing showing. It's a little hard to tell by the current pic.



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Is there even a helmet in that picture?

I studied every pixel...twice.

I can't find a bucket anywhere!:lol:

Somebody PM a link of this thread to Sniffer!!:lol:


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Seriously though, from that angle it looks too round if anything. Try a straight head on shot and a side shot and we could probably tell more.

Even more seriously...move the bucket out of the way:angry


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it looks okay right now, but it's hard to tell from one angle. once details are penciled out it should be easier to tell