Does anyone out there make vests for Boba or Jango?

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to buy a vest, and since I can't make up my mind which costume to finish first, please let me know who makes either a Boba or Jango vest. I'm looking for accuracy here as much as possible.

If you have any pics, please email them to me as well.

I had no idea people were actually this desperate for vests. I thought the market was pretty crowded for this kind of thing. Maybe I was uninformed. Or maybe it's because some of the old people have stopped making them? I'd be willing to make some more, but I am currently giving my full attention to making the best, most screen-accurate, coolest-in-the-whole-world Imperial Guard ROTJ costume. I won't be sewing Fett stuff until January-February, when I hopefully will have finished with that project.

edit: I do NOT make any of this stuff on a large scale. I only offer anything here if I see that people can't get them pretty much any other way. Can't have fellow costumers going without, after all.
buy one of those hefty $5 turtle necks(appropriete colour of course) and modify modify modify, it'll come out pretty good looking if you pay attention to details from the movies and other costume guides
Why not try buying those cheap fake leather jackets and having those modified? My 2cents. :D

Good luck!
I simply made one out of white canvas using a pattern I bought from Simplicity at Wal-mart for a vest. We just taped the front peices together and sewed on flaps for the shoulder bells. Oops. Sorry. My WIFE sewed it up.

Yes. She also sewed up a neckseal by sewing strips of canvas together and lining it with some satin so it doesn't chafe. It's pretty authentic after a little grime is added. Don't forget the heavy velcro to seal it all on.
I know of a pretty reputable Jango vest maker, they can actually custom shape the shoulders and the neck to whichever armor you are using. I personally haver one of their vests made from marine grade vinyl and the price wasn't to bad at all either.
I neet a good ROTJ Boba vest. I would like it padded and out of a durable material. Anyone know someone who might know someone that might make one?
Throw a PM to AFettFullofDollars... he makes good stuff.

postmortem01 said:
I neet a good ROTJ Boba vest. I would like it padded and out of a durable material. Anyone know someone who might know someone that might make one?
I have one of the FettFullOfDollars Vests and am thoroughly pleased!
Very well crafted and I would definately buy from him again.
Bobamaker makes excellent Boba parts including made to order Boba vests, PM me if you want his website address to see for yourself.
Oh boy, another opportunity to plug Bobamaker! He's one stop shopping for Fett stuff, including the vest:) Nuff said!!

I think you guys sometimes get a little too uptight . I dont know if you noticed .... but the ebay thing ......... it's for the whole world . I know most of the people on THD are great comrades and look out for each other and dont intend to screw one another over but ... you shouldn't get upset if someone takes a bid out from under you that's what ebay is all about . That's what makes it great and why millions use it . As was stated we can always go to the source and there are plenty out there for all . I for one would say "congratulations on your winning bid and dont worry .... I'll get the next one "

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